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Kill illegals and harm them. Wait till you hear that stuff. And the U of a a person that works for them named abra McAndrew. Basically covered for those students. So that you have a students are trying to change the world. I think the impact had not been heard or felt by border patrol in a way that would indicate to them that there's a reason to change what they're doing. So the is that the U of as a visual position seems to be that way that was quoted in the daily wildcat story. Wow. Second thing that I think you need to know is that the city of Tucson really screwed the pooch on this one. Oh, they just dumb or they dumb the university of sorry. The city of Tucson has a list. This is not good. They I mean is that legal storing local paper contractor blast Tucson over inclusion on divestment list. So they have a list of firms the city does where they will not invest in over its ties to President Trump's effort to build a board. Will I thought they talked about this with Regina Romero, and the city attorney said it was illegal anyway, they're going after West Point contractors radio Tucson. But the West Point contractor company wrote a letter to the mayor and said, listen. The specific border fence replacement projects at West Point provided proposal to the US. Army corps engineers were forecast in two thousand fifteen an offer solicitation in two thousand sixteen before the inauguration of Mr. Trump. So you're going after us for doing stuff requested by President Obama. Third thing. I think you need to know how about this bump this one up. Mix. Sally doubling down on stupid. Unless maybe it's you think it's us. You think it's me other? So many McCain lovers in this state. That is a good play for her. Sorry from politico came out late. Last night MC Sally says she spoke to Trump about McCain attacks. She said there's a lot of disrespect going on out there all the way around. I did talk to the president yesterday wanted him to make sure understood how I felt about Senator McCain and how Arezzo felt about Senator McCain any heard me. Oh, you're speaking for me. Now. She also said, quote, I love John McCain. You just heard the news John McCain is an American hero the state reveres John McCain and his family deserves respect by everybody. That's my message. I did not have what we had about one hundred fifty people ask Mr. Ron not one person said that to me. Three things. I think you need to know. All right. So you can comment on what you heard about this. You have a student named Denise no last name, given we have all we have the audio play one or three, and we're gonna get to Eric play one zero three here's more from Denise talking about border patrol that again there were at the U of for career day and invited to speak at at a class. Criminal justice. Listen to this. Here we go. How about you talk about slashing mater? How about you talk about taking the shoes off migrants setting them walk through the desert barefoot talk about. The graves of unidentified, folks. Unidentified folks, it's. And she was doing that. And she claims she chased them off campus, and the of seems to be behind that. Yeah. Yeah. Let's go to Eric. Eric welcome McCain higher..

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