Point Guard, Rick Potato, FBI discussed on One Shining Podcast with Titus and Tate


Of like every single thing that you need to win a title i feel like they have affair del takes the next step which is like i'm a score they got quin snyder senior point guard yeah they literally have evidence that you need all of the rick potato and the prostitute in prime bone now eligible what are stored there 'cause i had i couldn't believe what you on the pockets yesterday we mentioned that he was eligible but then i'm starting to think that i i think just cleared by the fbi idea actually eligible so that was my mistake i legislative so i told you that the fbi had gotten rid of him so i thought that meant that he was fined available a and i knew it was on campus at level and i was not wrong about that so brian bowen he's the guy that was implicated in the whole skin with the fbi he's own cans on campus he used to be if you went to the level rosser page again days ago it would have his name on it he's now been deleted from the rosser page he doesn't appear in the media guide but he has access to all the universe basketball facilities is you know what he's but he's not permitted to practice with the team so is young scholarship yeah interesting that makes no sense when we get it so i don't think he actually can play on the team but he's being able to use the facility it's like basically a reprieve for like sorry we know that you got call i may i add kid i mean i'm glad that he's getting able to go to school if that's what he wants to do but i just think it's weird that he would be like he basically now could just be working on a machine and the team can't really engage with i don't know it's reliable ira anything like hunters this day for four years or how state they love me use the facility never got to play there so i know what you so you're saying it acid yeah there's a precedent.

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