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Go palm. You're either the stupidest motherfucker or to nigger you wanted to. And i don't mean anything bad. I'm not bashing you by any means necessary. I'm not here to do that. I'm talking about you an idiot private party having motherfucker signed. Tr's meaning got ahead of your phones because you don't want to video getting out on social media or pitchers but yet yo ass go live. If three hundred people and you're drunk is hale behind you talkin grabbing ear lobes the next. See mikey's at a spa treatment. Well fuck lady in back on the ground. Convulsing you're married and you screaming another lady name in la you're smart or you're a dumb ass by did a show purpose because nobody is dead fucking stupid to think that video was going to have repercussions but it's all good. I like the positive attitude you got from getting fired from. Espn and i think digital purpose. Yeah you know. Paul you got coming up. I can tell nobody. Is that jolly from getting fired. Wanted to best jobs in the world without already having a concrete backup plan. You probably did this shit on purpose to get fire by espn. Because it's the only way you can get out of your contract Be thinking gets more story but anyways man like say jetty knock you at all. You are the truth. He spoke the truth anyways. Paul keep doing anything. Whatever you next chapter is not gonna the buck. Yeah i think. Almost caught up when he mrs mid happened since last month and ready to get on with show retired ranch negative shit. Let's get almost dominy all right here. We go enjoy the why here is my critique on godzilla vs kong now starting to feel kind of weird right now because i find myself critiquing. Allow these book movies right now. I am not a critique her nor am i a roger Be recipe friday. But no. I'm not him and i'm not trying to be like him. I am merely giving my thoughts on godzilla vs king kong. But i must say us enjoying so right now. A lot of you. The bucket soccer spot to get really upset with me. Because you're not gonna like what i gotta say about this movie. It is not going to sound good. I wanted to but it's not going to. I gave coming to america to a fair assessment. This right here. Snack will be so fair after watch. This movie chimera seemed like a scott dam. Gold mine so. I want to say i am a buck and true. Fan of got sela and king kong more so of got dilatot. See a lot of you out there. You've got fans which is cool but me. I'm mobile got silla fan. You know why. Because i was raised in japan would well. The puck originated like the dallas cowboys. I'm a diehard cowboys fan. I was born in texas not to say that you can't be a fan of somebody not have to be born here. I'm just saying i'm a fan. I was raised in japan. So i got right to book godzilla and i got a right to critique this month boca what is not done right in my eyes not charles. I just wanna be clear on. I am pissed off right now with that being said so basically what i'm doing is i'm pretty much just comparing the shit right compared to all the movies. Adm vs predator. Jason versus freddy mega shark versus giant octopus lake placid versus anaconda batman superman dracula frankenstein. Chris kramer tb people versus larry flint. Put godzilla gots has many versus. I is that are memorable worth watching..

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