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X and x dot com and we return to the life of shel silverstein let's pick up where we last left off beatles were on the cover beatles silverstein produced over one thousand published songs many of which have been used in tv shows and movies including classics like dr hooks the cover of the rolling stone which was featured in almost famous hammered crows tendered semiautobiographical film about going on tour with rock stars in the nineteen seventies and writing about it for rolling stone magazine laugh shell also wrote the ballad of lucy jordan which was featured in film in louise and he was nominated for an oscar and a golden globe for his song i'm checking out sung by meryl streep in the film postcards from the edge leave alone strewed for the fearsome looking bald bearded jew wearing a long flowing pirates shirt and leather jacket that goodwill would have rejected was also adored by the country music community here dr one one he wrote ones on the way and halo reta both hits for loretta lynn in one thousand nine hundred seventy one and nineteen seventythree well there build a gallows outside my cell route twenty five minutes to go and twenty five minutes to go sung by johnny cash about a man on death row with each line counting down one minute closer to his execution waiting and the pardon said he three more minutes to moving so forget about me eight minutes to go on february twenty third one thousand nine hundred sixty nine the night before johnny cash was set to record his live album at san quentin prison he held a party at his home the evening ended as it usually did with his friends trying out their latest songs bob dylan sang lay lady lay kris kristofferson saying me and my bobby mcgee and shel silverstein.

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