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This is a cbc podcast kill is supported in part by hellofresh the milk had service dedicated to making cooking fine easy and convenient each week hellofresh creates new delicious recipes with stepbystep instructions designed to take around thirty minutes for everyone from novices to season homecooked short on time these source the freshest ingredients measure to the exact quantity needed so there is no food waste all delivered to your doorstep in a special insulated box for free for fifty percent off your first box visit hellofresh dossier slashed q podcast or enter promo code q podcast when you subscribe hey i'm tom power it is monday february twelve is the podcast version of the cbc radio show entitled q pigs law for downloading or streaming nice to be back last week jail richardson was here as she was here like day to day like she the flu i had i was i kept they can i also dislike my job so i wa wanted to come in every single day but i didn't know whether i'd be in the next day and she with very little prep was going in and his nailing these interviews nailing the shows jail if you're listening to the podcast right now thank you so much and if you like jail you can follow her on twitter at j l j a e l j l richardson i had some people right knee in sierra leone like j l like the the two letters i'll tell you just really quickly it's on the show today alex garland alex garland you're gonna hear me talk about his film and his pedigree in a moment when i do the actual introduction of the radio show but i will say the interview turned really interesting because we started talking about net flicks and specifically what happens when you're film goes straight to netflixing and whether that's the future of filmmaking at all like whether will ever need to go see a film into theater ever again it was it was really really interesting then we have a great a panel accused green panel to talk about the new black panther to paris and john samlee and also the filmmaker charles officered given a little shout out to wesley snipes and blade two welldeserved and then debra smith.

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