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I don't know what you guys were working out, losing in the studio this morning Suborn me the incredible version from Los Lobos, Lascaux Postal Esta de Los Angeles just another from East Los Angeles from 1978. Rilo Kiley and said, Let me back in featuring front woman Jenny Lewis Tap Dancing's Yes, right through their soul. Anyway. Frontwoman Jenny Lewis of Rela Kylie Tap dancing on that track. Is there anything better city of Angels from Bill Withers? Maybe Nick and warm is that album and of course. Good morning, Los Angeles Dodgers won and Really, It wasn't a dream, Andrew Shorts on Twitter, not a dream. It actually happened. I woke up this morning, not even remembering that it happened. But shots 200 Ye and Michelle Shell, Durant and Aaron and chef Nathan Lyon. Has it going in. Austin also got two feds checking in this morning. It's really great to hear from while you guys feel free to check in. It's such a great day, and it's not only a great day because the Dodgers won. The Lakers won. But we also just wrapped up yesterday. Our fun drive and you know, I was ifyou've been listening to morning becomes eclectic and case here. W We've been coming to you for the last two or three weeks to talk to you about our power and numbers drive and I have to say you guys really, really came through for us. Thank you for your generosity. Welcome to the family, all of you new members. It was so awesome to hear from so many new members. Big shout to my case here. W Dodgers fan, which is family, which is actually the entire station, but particularly Raul Campos, J. Lawrence, Evan, George, Steve Chia, Take us Actually all you guys I am proud to work among such great people. And I am proud to be part of Casey ar w and I'm so proud to count you all in his members and to be able to be here and thank you for your generosity. So thank you. Let's have a great morning together. Of course I've got David Lynch with the weather report coming up. I also have the music. Dirty projectors just came out yesterday. Uh, up next we'll hear from Carla Morrison. I'm just so in love with in a couple of new songs from her. I've got Gorillaz featuring back We'll see what other kind of trouble we can get into. This morning on Casey ar w thanks so much for being with us. Support comes from Santa Monica travel and tourism who encourages listeners to travel responsibly and follow.

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