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Billy taylor park on camped street which i went to on time only to find nobody there and then i doublechecked my email i gotta i got another email this morning that it was actually on the corner of brown i she's had broken george street so and drug couple miles down there to see a big crowd unthinking hung what's going on here so i walked up to you i parked with my flashes on and walked up to this scene were probably a hundred people maybe you'll closed close launder people let's say seventy or eighty people were gathered and uh the city of providence is a podium was set up on the sidewalk and the mayor you know began a presentation around 1245 and handed off to a half a dozen other speakers all of whom you know our livid over this flyer that came into the neighborhood i guess it also had a facebook application to it not exactly sure heavily people seen it and what was really weird about this press conference was that other that will was sent to the press to get the press to cover the event which was the front page i guess of this flyer nothing else was distributed nothing else was explained nothing else was described and so it was a very kind of a weird thing i just kept asking fellow members of the media never seen this other thing now no whereas what's that ge would not what's the what's the genesis of this what is you know is there an ongoing dispute is there is there a chronic thing visited and aa she p problem uh you know what is it uh the the flyer that got the publicity at least the sign of layer the did uh has the term negro crime canada and bold type and then it's his negro crime in mayor or hey oilers a sanctuary city of providence rhode island and then it they pictures james visit vincent present the problems and ably she p um bullet point accused of defrauding the providence and ably she'd be branch of its membership fees bullet point failing to address the negro crime problem in bullet point extorts money from white people now uh if gill being the.

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