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Nope. We need to protect ourselves and not spread the flu, especially this year. I'm going to remind my friends to get their flu shots to they can go to their doctor, pharmacy or other local providers. Paid for by the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, 5 28 traffic and weather on the eighth at Lone, Dave Tilden, Hillary to 70. It's not a bad drive North bound brief delays passing north of Gaithersburg and 1 21 Clarksburg between Gaithersburg in Germantown Clapper Road remains blocked vehicle ended up overturned near Seneca Creek State Park in between wearing station and game preserve road. Traffic is turned around on 1 17 95 b W Parkway. Minor delays No major incidents built way to build way Capital Beltway in good shape, inter loops, slowing his usual near Connecticut Avenue. No big deals on for 95. It's a slow emerge off of the Beltway to go south through Camp Springs on Branch Avenue. The crash near Linda Lane was blocking a lane south bound on Route five in the district, Westbound Southeast Southwest Freeway still slow from tunnels toward the case Bridge. A crash on the far right side. 3 95 in Virginia, South bound just little slowing past Glebe Road and Shirlington brief volumes Lay there longer volume delays as usual Farther south on 95 from Newington toward Woodbridge, 66 westbound some heavy traffic through Centerville into one of many three lanes stretches beyond 29 eastbound through false church near Twentynine Washington Boulevard. The activity near the work zone blocks the right side in the two legs stretch only one left lane gets by eastbound..

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