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Life. Is the master everything. Now Rogers ever did. Stout. He's easy guitar player. Bass player there. In fact, I can never remember the bass player's name Dirk is working out over there. Trying to get it for me Bernard Edwards. Thank you Bernard. Were just amazed is he still alive? Yeah. We'll check that out before I've been watching. Sister sledge while she videos and watching now Rogers play, and then I actually came across by accident, by the way, that's caught everybody dance by she. And I came across it down the sidebar of YouTube now Rogers talking about gigging. I thought what is this? I clicked immediately, and he's talking about well, this is kind of deep in the weeds unless you're a musician. He's talking about you never played more than three notes in a chord court across the neck, but he only played three notes and he plays. It's real staccato chop stuff. And he says he had to laugh he'll go into bars were hurled see people play in his stuff. And they're they're totally butcher. They're planning the whole court. He says that the secret to what he does what he does is very very staccato chappie stuff. And so I'm watching this thinking, I I know a couple of these tunes, and he doesn't it's just phenomenal. The rhythm parts. He's put together. That's my new mission in lifetime mastering. Now Rogers I'm going to become a savant next year on the edge and. Everybody dance fell means feel free to dance. Everybody dance alternative bump music. Friday. We mix it up pretty good here. Let's give you some more stuff. We have free stuff today. Free stuff. This one's for the out to Rama outdoor Rama. This is happening at the same place as the last giveaway. We gave away this is at the suburban collection showplace out there in Novi Michigan. Now, this is about your out there hunting fishing trapping getting your face ripped off by a bear never never ever ever going to the woods carrying a firearm. A substantial one. A man said his secret to escape it when he'd been chased by bears was security twenty two. And he said the reason he did that was whenever he was out camping with somebody. When the bear would be chased him. He just shoot the person who was within the thighs. So they couldn't run on the bare wood he that guy he'd run away. So you just need a twenty two. But anyway, this is outdoor Rama's coming up on the same dates February twenty eighth and March third. We got a pair of tickets for you. Make it easy. Be caller number three caller number three at eight two two eight two two one six zero seven three four eight to sixteen hundred will sticky on this show. Now, I've been to these are incredible. We've got a pair of tickets for us. You can you can take your wife, your girlfriend, you can have your wife or girlfriend going you could just sit home watch TV, but this is going to be outdoor Rama February twenty eighth and March third. I'd be Thursday through Sunday, celebrating the great outdoors. These are really a lot of fun been to couple of these. Let's see what are we doing your? Oh, it's time for me to tell you one more time than is alternative bump music Friday. And you're on the edge. Let's I gotta I gotta move. This dial here there we.

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