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The gunman's girlfriend says she hadn't a clue i jackie quinn with an ap news minute the lawyer who represents mary lou dan lee says she is cooperating with investigators and reads allowed her statement she didn't know that steven paddock was planning anything and she's heartbroken i am devastated by the death an injuries that occurred in my prayers go out the victims that audio courtesy of abc news police say in addition to the weapons and ammunition in paddocks las vegas hotel room in his car they found 1600 more rounds of ammunition and containers of an explosive three us military commandos army special ops forces have been killed in west africa they came under fire in southwest neige air the los angeles county coroner's office says it still doesn't know what caused the death of tom petty an autopsy was inconclusive i'm jackie quinn taiwanese technology manufacturer foxconn will build its new sprawling manufacturing complex in southeastern wisconsin local political and economic development leaders say the mammoth manufacturing campus we'll be in mount pleasant which is about twenty five miles south of milwaukee and sixty miles north of show cargo racine county is executive calls the plant and its ten billion dollar investment a turning point for the country the plant the largest industrial complex in the state could eventually employ thirteen thousand people the utility company blamed for safety lapses and japan's fukushima nuclear plant meltdowns as received its first approvals to operate reactors under stricter standards the nuclear regulation authorities said the two reactors in northern japan met the new standards after steps were taken by tokyo electric power company or tepco many people still oppose restarting the reactors because of concerns about tepco's safety records.

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