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And then just got up and slowly jogged back up field, keeping the whole thing on side and not even bothering to mark his man. It was pretty rough. It seems like we did ding him. Got it in, baby. Got it in. All right, just quickly on the winger line here. Post starter period in the team is way a lock or not. No. I mean, he's played awesome. But I think he's competing with Brendan aronson and G arena. And I think if all three of those guys are healthy, I think it's geo Rena who will be the starter of the three. Not a lock, but not based on his performance, or just the talent that we have available there. So yeah, I agree with that. Okay. All right, I think we can move up to the forward line. Should politics be a lock? If Timothy way is not starting for the U.S., I'm not even showing up. And I wasn't even invited to show up, so that's how strongly I feel about this. You're out of your minds. Yes. Is there a lock just to answer the question? Yes. For sure. I thought we were just going to ignore that. We came back into it. I'm going to bring Bobby on for a show. Wow. Well, interesting. You think if you think that that's not a threat, that's like, I welcome. You also remember this in my dreams. This show started a conversation about a lack of depth that left back. So you can combine both issues, Christian Pulisic, backup, left back, and now Bobby hosts the show. Wow, everybody. Everybody get on board here. How about the number 9? I mean, we've sort of summed it up a bit here. Taji Wright, it's Jesus Ferreira. To me, it's Jesus and then a question mark behind him. Not necessarily behind, but in competition with him. I think Ferrera will be at the World Cup. He has shown. To my eye, more of an ability with this group of players to get into good goal scoring positions and to also help set them up to get themselves into those positions than anybody else in the pool..

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