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Hour on news radio wbm President Biden addresses the debt ceiling and more before departing the G 7 summit in Japan, the latest coming up from CBS News. This is Nancy hardy, Chicago police arrest a woman they say shot another CTA rider during an argument on the red line. Plus, in northwest Indiana, a man is dead, his children injured after a grenade explodes. AccuWeather says sunshine today with the highest 78°, then at low 56 tonight, it's 9 o'clock in Chicago. This is CBS News on the hour, presented by indeed dot com. I'm Linda kenyon in Washington. The president is on his way home from the G 7 summit in Japan, reporter Gavin Blair is in Hiroshima. President Biden started and finished his press conference at the end of the G 7 talking about the debt ceiling. He was asked if he would be blamed if there were a default. On the merits based on what I've offered, I would be blameless. On the politics of it, no one would blame us. The president then headed for Air Force One, where he was due to hold talks with speaker McCarthy on the flat back to the U.S.. 9 million children in America face hunger, CBS Adriana Diaz reports on one group trying to bridge that gap. At Detroit's sharing table, food is put out for anyone in need. You can see who's hungry. Bonnie askew is a regular. Times are hard. Some of this comes from Chad with metro food rescue, who drives around town and salvaging food about to be thrown out and delivering it to some of the 33 million Americans lacking stable food at home. Unconscionable to me that we waste 40% of the food in this country will one in four kids don't have enough food to eat. What shapes Americans views on migrants from the border states coming to their towns

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