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Over Tustin backdoor chatted with us for a couple minutes And then the next day we were back so the last game of the trip and Carson walked by and thanks again Carson and he looks up and he walks overdose. He's like hey good to see you guys again. Hey what the lineup card from today. And he just handed it to us and another just really cool memory for everybody. Like that's awesome you know especially as Carson rises through kind of the mariners and and or the League and him in P and. Yeah they're all. It's it's actually talking about that last last week. I think on on baseball things Where you know at some point these guys going to be moving up. They're GONNA be in the big leagues or they're going to be with other organizations so you know enjoy them you know certainly enjoy them now I got that impression from From CV to you know a couple of times he's DM me On twitter to send me in the right direction on something or I think even one time he said thanks for keeping it real mad because there's a lot of bad information out there but what I took from that was In for mere stories is you know while it's certainly someone anecdotal for somebody like me. You're really anybody To point to all the positives that are happening the organization right now in terms of you know future success but the stories that you're telling our real unfactual like good people that enjoy the game that understand You know the importance of of Fan Interaction and you know truly building something. It sounds like you know you get a winning the baseball field and if all that other stuff is already there like the ceiling is so much higher when you have that combination. I you know I can talk about wins and losses but once you get to winning if the folks that are invested in you are invested in you all the way to the ceiling. it's just that much better at it. It's it's that much more special. I was having a conversation with With my buddy Jo Kaiser about this. How differently the next? Winning mirrors team might actually look in terms of where the players come from and how much they had played together in. The minors could look a lot different. But it sounds like in this day and age. So they're actually taking advantage of the opportunities. They have to really help folks such as yourself invest themselves in in the people that are involved in you know when you turn on the television and you watch them you a little bit disconnected but providing some sort of a connection in a link that goes beyond watching players on television. It's really cool to hear him and other glad you're able to come on and and that you wanted to come on and that you had the ideas all your idea wasn't mine To tell that story because I didn't think that's important moving forward especially when you know you've seen me tweet about it. Baseball Major League baseball as a whole. They don't understand what they don't know what they're doing. They don't know how to promote their game they don't know who to promote it to It's amazing they'll either promoted to kids not realizing that the parents need to be involved in this Or they'll promote it to people who have the money which aren't the kids so they seem to go one way or the other but the individuals that are involved seem to understand. It's just really when I thank you for sharing your time and telling your stories You know here You know especially in this this format and this time we had an opportunity to step away from you know Kinda Geeky nece Of the game that we're usually doing baseball things to To tell some cool stories and share your experiences and and I hope folks that are hearing this go. Hey Yeah I wanNA do that too. That's really cool. I want to go down to spring training because when I push Spring Training Cathy. I push it in a different way. This is your opportunity. This is your opportunity to the minor league Kids on the BACKFIELD'S. Kinda separate without huge crowds And that's the draw for me. So that's the part that I share with folks but you know you in a different position with kids and and just trying to get the Fan. Experience that way provides a completely different values Thank you for doing that. Thank you for supporting The podcast as well. I appreciate you following me for a long time and not getting rid of Not Blocking me on twitter. Because I you know I tell folks to go sometimes but I I really appreciate you joining me on Virtual Beers here. The Virtual Beers addition of Of Baseball things and I hope things are going okay for you in quarantine that everybody stays safe and at some point we get baseball back so we can continue to do our thing. Yes well thank you. It was my pleasure. It was fun and like I said I've been following you for such a long time. It's kind of strange to actually be talking with you now but But no I loved being part of it and I you know I love the show and You know on my own little quick mention about this show is right now. I just cannot get enough drafts talk so if you're ever looking for a way to sell some time you. I'm hoping your default will be draft. I I don't care if it's speculating on who. They might taken rounds four. I love it. Well here's what you just did okay. I'm recording as soon as we get off your record baseball for subscribers. I you literally just added draft talk to the to the menu. I love and I'm GonNa Throw one day about you too because it goes right along with Spring training but as we were leaving the backfield's on our very last moment there in Peoria. We saw Sam Carlsen walking from one of the fields to another. We stopped and chatted with him. Another kid couldn't have been nicer and we talked. You're just a minute about his younger brother. That's a senior in high school this year. And named I think Max Carlson and you were just like hey are you. Do you think the mayor's will take your brother. And he was like man. I don't know it'd be awesome but there's still wanted thirty chance and I don't. I don't really know how MAC's profiles if he is. You know if the draft five rounds if he looks like somebody would get drafted or not but anyway I was meaning to to send a question and ask you what you thought of him so here. I'll just ask you live in in math tomorrow. Carlson absolutely all right cool. We'll get that in and propose that a little later this evening and Enjoy thank you for the support. Really appreciated Thank you for everything that All the stories you told their big value here. A lot of fun Virtual Beers. I pretended to drink a beer this whole time. You were telling those stories so it worked really appreciate African right..

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