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Jeremy grater at the editor's desk is we take a look at some of the day's top stories that Pentagon's inspector general says it will investigate a watchdog groups allegations that acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan is used his office to promote his former employer. Boeing and the decision by European candidate to break with US air safety regulators over the safety of the Boeing seven thirty-seven max is likely to delay the resumption of flights after the two deadly crashes. Let people see that's up to the attorney general. We have a very good attorney general very highly respected. And we'll see what happens and President Trump. That's him telling reporters today that the public should see the Miller report when it's completed but that reference to AG William bar, a provide some possible cover ABC's Andy Field is covering this from Washington and joins us on the KOMO Newsline. Andy, what can you tell us about today's developments? Well, you said it right there. The attorney general is really the person who's gonna decide what if anything the US congress or Americans get see from this report. You have to remember Robert Muller has done virtually all his talking in court documents anything we've learned about the Muller investigation has come out in court. Filings in arguments in court against Manafort and others one clue here, and we keep hearing that the mole report is going to drop anytime soon here, but a big clue that we just received. Today is Rick gates who was Paul manafort's partner in his also pled guilty and is awaiting his sentence. He's been cooperating, and he mentioned to a congressional committee that he would not be able to testify in public because he is still cooperating in this Robert Muller Perot. And then it could last a couple of more months. So anyone who's talking about this report coming out very soon? Exactly what they're talking about. You andy? I think that's such a good point. I mean, it's been at least a year when people have started speculating that the mullahs report would be completed very soon. And again here we are a year later, and as we know Mr. Muller and his office have very little to say in terms of timeframe, they've said nothing in regards to timeframe on a release. No. And other people have pointed to the fact that some couple of. Prosecutors are now left the team those prosecutors whoever were involved in the metaphor trial. And of course, as we all well know that is over and he has been sentenced to prison. So there are other prosecutors involved in this there are other things that will happen here. And really the bottom line is because the Justice department has a policy of saying, you cannot indicted sitting president that's something that the constitution says that's something that the courts have said, it's just an opinion, and that could be a sticking point as to whether Robert Muller if indeed he has any evidence against the president may want to try to fight in court. And then of course, it would be up to the attorney general who was handpicked by Donald Trump. What are they saying in Washington about the president's reaction to sing? Oh, let's have transparency. Let's have the full release of their mother report is that because they're very optimistic that the findings aren't damaging or is there some kind of spin happening that not to be negative. But. Just wondering. I don't know the answer that question I do know that we have heard quite a few times from the president. These these calls for transparency including about himself. We heard it before he ran for president while he ran for president that of course, he would release his tax returns. Which are now the subject themselves of an investigation on Capitol Hill. And then he said his tax returns are under audit. Will this may be the world's longest audit. Because it's been two years since the president began making that reason for saying he wouldn't release his taxes ABC's Andy Field joining us from Washington. Thank you. Andy. Thanks..

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