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Customs said he had a great eight affect in making the peasant fond of his home and the promotion of them by the gentry made him fond of his Lord they made the Times Merrier and kinder and better and I can truly say with one of our old poets I like Mike them well the curious preciseness and all pretended gravity of those that seek to banish hands these harmless sports sports have thrust away much ancient honesty the nation continued he is altered we have almost lost our simple true hearted peasantry they have broken asunder from the higher classes and seem to think their interests are separate they have become too knowing and begin to read newspapers listen to Ale House politicians Russians and talk of reform I think one mode to keep them in good humor in these hard times would be I nobility and Gentry to pass more time on their estates Mingo more among the country people and set the merry old English games going again such was the good squires project for mitigating public discontent and indeed he wants attempted to put his doctrine in practice and a few years before had kept open house during the holidays in in the old style the country people however did not understand how to play their parts in the scene of hospitality for many uncouth circumstances occurred the manor was overrun by all the vagrants of the country and and more beggars drawn into the neighborhood in one week than the parish officers could get rid of in a year since then he had contented contented himself with advising the decent part of the neighbouring peasantry took call at the hall on Christmas Day I distributing beef and and bread and Ale the poor that they might make merry in their own dwellings. We had not been long home home when the sound of music was heard from a distance up band of country lads without coats their shirtsleeves fancifully fleet tied with ribbons their hats decorated with Greens and clubs in their hands. Were seen advancing up. The Avenue followed by a large number of villagers and peasantry. They stopped before the hall door where the music struck up a peculiar. Cure your air. And the lads performed a curious and intricate dance advancing retreating and striking in their clubs. Together keeping exact time to the music while one whimsically crowned with a Fox's skin the tale tale of which floated down his back kept catering round the skirts of the dance and rattling Christmas box. With many antics gesticulations the Squire I. This fanciful exhibition with great interest and delight and gave me a full account out of its origin which he traced to the times when the Romans held possession of the island plainly proving that this was a lineal. Neil descendant of the sword dance the ancients. It was now. He said nearly extinct but he had accidentally met and with traces of it in the neighborhood and had encouraged its revival foe. To tell the truth it was too apt to be followed up by rough cudgel play and broken heads in the evening after the dance was concluded. The whole Party was entertained. With with broad and beef and stout home-brewed the Squire himself mingled with the Russ sticks and was received with Awkward Awkward Demonstrations of difference and regard it is true I perceived two or three of the younger peasants as they were racing racing. They're tankards to their mouths when the squires back was turned making something of a grimace and giving each other the wink but the moment they caught my eye they pulled grave faces and were exceedingly demure with master master Simon however they all seemed more at their ease. His ferried occupations and amusements had made him well known throughout the neighborhood God. He was a visitor at every farm. House and cottage gossiped with the farmers and their wives romped with with their daughters and like that type of a favorite bachelor the humble be told the sweets from all the rosy ellipse of the country round the bashfulness of the guests soon gave way before good cheer and the F. Ability there is something genuine and affectionate in the gaiety of the lower orders when it is excited by the bounty eh and familiarity of those above them the warm glow of gratitude enters into their mirth and a kind word art or a small pleasant trae. Frankly uttered by a patron gladdens the heart of the dependent more than oil and wine so when the Squire had retired the merriment increased and there was much joking and laughter particularly between master. After Simon and a Hail ruddy-faced white headed pharmore who appeared to be the wit of the village for I am served all his companions to wait with open mouths for his retorts and burst into a gratuitous laugh before they they could well understand them. The whole house indeed seemed abandoned to marry -ment as I pass to my room to dress for dinner. I heard the sound of music in a small cohort and looking through the window. The commanded I I perceived a band of wandering musicians with Pandy and pipes and tambourine a pretty coquettish. Housemaid was dancing pig with a smart country while several of the other servants were looking on in the midst of our sport. Don't the girl caught a glimpse of my face at the window at coloring up ran off with an air of roguish affected confusion and with that. I think we'll end this evening's reading reading from old Christmas from the sketchbook of Washington Irving from the hearth and heart of this this particular rustic peasant. 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