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All right, joining me now for the weekly train of thought segment right here on the SI media podcast as he does every week, although he was not around last week, he is so caught up from WFAN radio in New York and as NY TV. Sal, how are you? Good. We did not do the pod last week, but we did meet up for brunch on Memorial Day, which was nice. Little Maureen's kitchen free plug for them if you're on Long Island, the best breakfast place Long Island, Maureen's kitchen. Yeah, we did see each other. We didn't do this train of thoughts last week, which was fine because it was a kind of a dark and disturbing week, so we didn't need to, you know, yucking it up, but we will yuck it up this week because the best story to come down in a really, really, really, really long time in the sports world. Is this Tommy fam, jock Peterson? And now we get Mike Trout dragged into it. So let me just say a few things and then we'll I'm going to start I'm going to go backwards. I'm going to start with what took place on Wednesday. And I'm going to get it in trouble for this probably. And I don't care. There's this thing, you know, how Twitter has all these rules of who you're allowed to make fun of or who you're allowed to say negative things about who you're not. And one of the people on Twitter, especially baseball Twitter, they go great. You never allowed to say anything bad about Mike trap. God forbid. Even though he has zero personality. So Mike truck gets interviewed about this whole thing today and basically says no comment, no comment, no comment. It makes one little funny joke oh, every commissioner gets booed and doesn't want to talk about it. This is why baseball is in trouble. You have the best player in the game. As an opportunity to show some personality, be funny, have some fun, get some laughs, get some headlines. And he doesn't want to comment. I mean, Mike, can you give us a little bit? Can you do something? Just be a little bit of a personality for the sport. Instead he gives a total pass to a ridiculous story that the entire country is into. I mean, he doesn't have to do it. It's not his responsibility, but can you have like a little teeny personality and help maybe get some headlines for the game? Yeah, I think I've never been a Big Mike Trout fan. I don't know if it's because he plays on the angels or out west, but yeah, there is no, there is no draw there as far as personality goes..

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