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In I think At least double now Shiva. They get it but in the building yet and raining. Outgoing look out the fucking curtain would focus adri. Iroquois these these are much eater. She's lived down a little bit more clear on. We're setting records every night and you'll have to for me record. Playoffs there the shoots well always wanted to work with. The dream is turned in new funky night. Where the Gun Damn Bank Koala good to see? Yeah we had fun. We had spy some of the fucking worst houses in the history of the company by Guide. Way had fun. Let's talk about Zeus you know we mentioned Hogan and we would be remiss if we didn't mention that whenever there would be the the package of Hogan on one side Macho on the other. Sometimes they'd had a little garnish named beefcake. Ensues will a piece of that package for the heels is Sherri Martel so my absolute favorite promos ever Are the pre-tape promos where you guys have. The three of them standing over a goddamn cauldron at missing missy Sherri Martel talking about the vision she sees. And then we've got the big blue cage and they're pretending to climb round the cage shears running around the back of it and then climb into the top and it's just hysterical stuff where they're all shot out of a cannon but then the bell rang and there would be physicality where she would take bumps from Hulk Hogan and that's not something we have rarely seen and I could see how in certain areas that would be rather controversial but man. It didn't make anybody. Bat An eye her taking bumps from hall Cogan. Was that a controversial decision. Is it Something they called on their own. Is that something you guys had a meeting about where it was Vince on that that he asked her to take the bums looking you. Tell us about the Hogan Sherri Martel bombs now. I just worked in the match and it was able to go out and allow Just more entertainment in that match in in it's also Hogan Sherry loved. Working with each other Sherry was tougher. A lot of guys so Herbie in there was believable. It was always done now. This was the rationale you have to understand different time. Different place. Different everything If a female attacked a male competitor then the male competitor had the right or you know justification they were dead justification then put their hands back on the female so you would build that and you would have Sherri just be that that peice constantly attacking halt throughout the match until finally he gets his hands on her for one or two spots and and that was just highly entertaining in a completely different era. That it wasn't looked at like it is today and I think that you know right or wrong. You Go back thirty years. It was a little bit different and and people looked at it as just strictly entertainment. Yeah by God's She's GonNa get her she's been fucking with him for so long She's GonNa get hers and and it's Funny. Just how we think about things. In view things through a kinder lens is we grow older and for the better in my opinion that you know what yeah you don't put your hands on woman it just That was the time in that. Was that was what everybody was doing. You Watch old movies. You Watch old. Television shows holy cow. You'd never do that today. One of the things that we mentioned there as the the physicality from summer slam eighty nine in that match tag match. And that Promo with the silly cauldron absolutely love it. It's a minute and forty eight seconds and I'm going to Play the for here here. Because on absolute slam tonight span of at all Kogo Brutus the barber beefcake tummy the human wrecking machine Zeus. His partner. Of course none other than the botch Oban Randy savage sensational Sherri. What what in the world is in this mean? Jean? Oakland this is the call of madness that we spoke of also finally in the past month. What will help US destroy? Hulk Hogan Brutus beefcake looking there what do I see I see Hulk Hogan laying flat on his back and another day. What do I see Buddhists Bake and.

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