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And his chances for reelection i take you know keep on doing it people keep on piloted on because at the end of the day i think it only helps trump or you know so liberty have great influence when it comes to selling products we know that there is a multi billiondollar endorsement industry for athletes celebratory poor reality earthquake kim kardashian she sells all kinds of makeup and clothing and everything else bought hollywood has lost influence in politics and that was proving in november 2016 and i think you're absolutely right the more these people a speak out in this outrageous manner the more and it's going to help ensure that they're gonna freak out again in november of 2020 yet you know it's interesting is you know like jennifer lawrence recently went out and she was supposed to be promoting this movie and the movie ended up bombing in she actually said that hurricane harvey and hurricane burma hitting the state of florida another that out with revenge of mother nature for the people who voted for trump and for the people amazing believed in manmade global i heard that and you know this radio station covered that quite a bit and when i heard that i wanted to gag hey just got a couple of minutes left james hansen you're the professor but i want to ask you a question here named for me please three conservative actors or actresses in hollywood can you do that yes okay gary cindy i love it jon boy i didn't know that her christian he then i'll okay and i mentioned those three in particular john boy is very very well read and a guy that is outspoken it's because he's gonna ask her winter has so much talent get away with it gary sinise dedicated to supporting the cause of veterans and the military even though he himself has never been in the military but he was lieutenant dan import well and you know what it's funny you mentioned that i was in oshkosh wisconsin a couple of years ago for the big air show and guests what the headline group was entertained it was lieutenant dan dan ban with gary sinise and gerry poise gray and iran i.

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