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Of management information systems online. Visit make your next move dot org. And simply complete the form to get started. I'm guest host. John Waterhouse and this week we're talking with Garrick Johnson, president of UPS south Atlantic district. Now, Derek tell us a little bit more about all that UPS does. Because as I was alluding to just a moment ago. A majority of the public isn't totally aware of all the services that UPS provides Tulsa about what UPS can do for businesses. So you touched on it a little bit a key tenant of ours is focusing in on small to medium size enterprises, while we service the largest well UPS as an organization is well known for packets car are are drivers. Right. Those that are in the brownie equals around uniforms that are delivering packages whether to a residence or to a business, but over the years, our portfolio services has grown tremendously. Oftentimes in many cases to help better, sir. The customers that we have in the marketplace whether customers are launching new products, we're actually staging inventory throughout our network. So those products. Can be launched for healthcare. Whether it's going to be insulin pump or the insulin itself that's moving through our network. And so are believed to have a temperature controlled capabilities throughout our network are incredibly important visibility. We oftentimes know that many of our customers in our and their customers today are ordering through the internet. Whether it sock, sweaters and shirts, or my be a wrench or devices that are needed repair parts, the visibility to have those to those products as they're moving through our network is incredibly important. We're also looking at ways in which the world is becoming flat. The internet has allowed folks to transact all around the world. And so goods that are moving we're able to look at our brokerage Cape provide brokerage capabilities. Financial services to ride them with cash flow as well as other warehousing in distribution capabilities. So it's more than just the the package car drivers that we know that are making the deliveries. There's a lot of capabilities that sit behind UPS that we're trying to make the public aware of. So that we can help them grow their businesses or solve their business challenges. Folks. You're listening to lens on business here on WSB and we're chatting with Darik Johnson, president of UPS south Atlantic district. And he was giving us a little behind the curtain look at UPS, and Derek let's take a little further peek behind that curtain. What are some of the new services and technologies being implemented by UPS that makes it easier for small and medium sized businesses to move their products? All over the world, you were touching on that a little bit. Can you elaborate I certainly can the complexity of moving product around the world is growing more complex and. And companies like us as UPS we continue to build out our capabilities by offering brokerage capabilities understanding how did those goods need to move oftentimes customs, there'll be tariffs. There's going to be duties in their taxes understanding that for a small business can be a daunting task. I can't imagine partners like us where we bring in not only ourselves professionals, but consultants that we have that are on our staff to work with small and medium sized enterprises. In cases, large enterprises as goods are moving around the world to understand changes may have occurred in the marketplace. Whether it's going to be in a duties or taxes or tariffs that may be applied keeping up with that can be complex, and we have brokerage groups that do that. Additionally supply chains are becoming increasingly important to the way businesses operate. We have that capability and expertise that we've built over the one hundred twelve years of our existence. And so we have deep knowledge with regards to one the systems that we've built. Giving visibility to product as they're moving through our network that helps you as a customer plan, your supply chain out helping you understand patterns that may exist in the marketplace, we know populations are growing at different rates in different parts of the world. And in some cases, different cities within the US. How are you going to reach that customer? We spend time with our customers small to medium enterprises in particular, helping them think through their supply chain where do they source what does materials come into the US where my stage, and then ultimately, how are they going to be distributed to their customer base? And all we can't forget that. There are these things called returns as much as we don't like them. How our customers going to process the returns that return product may come back in? We're spending time with customers to make it easy through networks that we have in place. We have alternative shipping outlets ever ups store with a variety of partnerships that we've established.

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