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Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Barack Obama discussed on Scott Stiegler


I liked them to um to speak out about this and start i mean there's a lot of probes going on i wanna see some fullscale investigations on this i want hillary clinton to have to answer and bill clinton to have to answer eric holder for his involvement no uranium one deal barack obama but most importantly i want hillary clinton to have to answer trade that pant suit infrared jumpsuit i wanna see her with the handcuffs behind her back go going to a prison of federal penitentiary with a roommate name big bertha that's what i want to see from hillary clinton this because this lady can't keep your mouth shut she won't go away then these people or pure evil the clintons and if she would've just walked away and been gracious in defeat like every other presidential candidate maybe we cutter some slack may at least they're out of our lives but they're not out of our lives and they're going to continue this this this whole resistance thing for donald trump was started by hillary clinton the biggest sore loser in american political history and because she won't stay down i think it's time we hold her up and and have to face all of these charges in get these investigations going and see exactly what's what's happened trump tweeted about this i thought he would be all over for this but he's really been played it pretty close to the vesti did tweet earlier today clinton campaign a dnc paid for research that led to anti trump fake news does see a the victim here is the president and then he hasn't really said anything else about it and i don't know if they're just some sort of deal in place or whatever but i think guy hillary clinton needs to answer for some of these uh absorbed for all of these charges in investigate this to the fullest and find out exactly.

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Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Barack Obama discussed on Scott Stiegler

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