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Four seven news center over six thousand now downtown Seattle, and what is the largest jingle bell run in the country is underway as part of the festivities in downtown Seattle. And we get an update on traffic here. How it affects you perhaps on the freeway in the downtown area with Dylan hold in just a couple of moments a deadly car crashes left. The seatac city hall stunned in south Seattle community in mourning today. Newly appointed seatac city council woman has died. It was Saturday around a one o'clock that Amina Ahmed was killed in a head on collision on south one eighty eight street in the seatac area, she lived in South County for the last twenty years as an immigrant. She was a voice for immigrant and refugee rights and just this past October appointed to the seatac city council, I mean as friends had planned to meet and greet. So the community could get to know her a little more. It was planned for December twenty first now. It has not been canceled. It will take new tone to it though. It'll be time to honor the life of Amina. Leavenworth this morning. Lou. Will celebrate the life of a JBL soldier killed last month. Sergeant Leandro Joshua was killed during combat operations Naff ghanistan November twenty four third deployment to that area. After enlisting in the army drivers are being told to expect delays in the area has procession makes its way on highway two from east one naturally going westbound to let them work that procession starts here in about an hour. Adjusts funeral service will be held at eleven AM at the cascade high school there in Leavenworth and more update. Fire officials Lacey are now saying it was arson that destroyed a Jehovah's Witness kingdom hall. Friday's fire. The six incident since March there were no injuries or in previous incidents. Thurston county? Sheriff John snazzy says local church members are on the edge with these attacks more or less terrifying. Wise. Why are they being targeted? Why is this specific religion being targeted? Federal investigators now involved I say, it's just a matter of time before someone is hurt or killed unless a suspect is found. Komo news. Time is eight thirty four. Let's get an update right now. Aaa traffic.

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