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34 degrees right now. Mostly cloudy, very breezy in Boston at 1 30. Hi there. Good afternoon to you on this Sunday. I'm teen Eagle and here's what's happening. Another storm is headed for us this evening. This one could drop a couple of inches of snow and isolated spots. WBZ TV meteorologist Jacob Why cover reports about the morning drive impacts for us for tomorrow when all is said and done the snowfall? Maybe not that great, but Gonna be kind of hard to move around a little bit in the morning commute will be impacted but wind on Lee 20 to 30 MPH winds, so I don't expect a lot of power outages with this and the strongest winds will be closest to the center of the storm. For the South Shore and the Cape in the island's most of the showers will be moving out for us tomorrow, lingering over the Cuban islands through the afternoon. We'll check your four day full forecast coming up in just a few minutes, right after traffic on the threes on this just into our WBZ newsroom in Boston. One person is dead and at least one person and injured following a shooting at an East Texas church this morning. It happened at the Star Ville Methodist Church and Wynonna, Texas. Suspect is now in a custody after fleeing the scene, and no services were going on. At the time of the shooting. Thean vested Gatien is ongoing. Again. One person is dead and at least one person injured following a shooting at an East Texas church this morning in Wynonna will bring you more details as soon as the latest information becomes available. Keep it right here. On WBZ News Radio. A Springfield church was destroyed in a fire last week. While that investigation is underway. Police have now arrested a man who they say try to burn down that same church weeks earlier, primarily destroyed in the inside. Dr Carolyn Curry. Avery is the pastor of the Martin Luther King Presbyterian Church in Springfield. Last Monday. The church was destroyed by fire. But the tight knit congregation is determined to rebound were fed by what has happened, but We are resilient church. We will go through a process of grieving and we will also go through the process of rebuilding. On Friday, Pittsfield police arrested Dutch Koval, chief of molten main, charging him with three counts of attempted arson, not for last Monday's fire, which is still under investigation. Vulture is accused of attempting to burn the church earlier in the month. Once on December 13th and two other times on December 15th. So far, no one has been charged in this latest fire that gutted the Building. Sherry Small WBZ Boston's news radio, Dr Anthony Fauci is taking President Trump to task for saying that covert 19 cases across the nation are exaggerated, he told ABC is this week that the president's words are simply not true. Many areas of the country, the hospital beds have stretched. People are running out of beds running out of trained personnel who are exhausted right now, That's real. That's not fake. On NBC's meet, the press found she advocated for the uniformed acceptance of public health measures, including wearing a mask and social distancing. The 116 Congress has been adjourned and the 117 Congress is now in session. Details coming up in just.

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