Hiker whose heart stopped after Mt. Rainier rescue recovers


Fistfights and fires in the nation's capital. I'm pam who so fox news supporters of president trump gathered by the thousands in washington dc. They cheered and chanted yesterday and things were mostly peaceful until it got dark counter protesters throwing fireworks clashing with those rallying for the president throughout dc streets from fistfights to all out brawl overall. There were twenty arrests. according to the mayor's office and at least seven guns were recovered. One man was stabbed. He is expected to be all right. Fox's lauren blanchard in washington to police officers were said to be heard. At least twenty arrests were made president elect. Joe biden is putting together his cabinet and could make some announcements in the coming days. This as president trump's legal team continues. Its push to overturn the election results. I am working on the massive aspect of of system wide election fraud. Definitely impacting the swing states and likely going far beyond that attorney said the powell on fox. Justice with judge janine. A number of the president's legal challenges have been thrown out of court. Alarming surges across the country in corona virus cases have state leaders taking steps to try and curb the spread governors of california oregon and washington issue joint travel advisories on friday in an effort to get a handle on surging cases in those three states. What that means is that if you traveled to any of those stage you'll be to self quarantine for fourteen. Days are also asking residents to avoid all nonessential travel out of state and limited interactions to only people who live in their homes. Fox's charles watson tomorrow another stay at home order takes effect in chicago. It will last thirty days new mexico also ordering all residents to stay home. America's listening to fox news big names and big money are descending on georgia ahead of two critical senate races. Republican incumbents kelly leffler. David purdue are heading into january fifth runoff against democratic challengers raphael. Warnock and jon ossoff and with the balance of power in the us. Senate em- play spending for these. Two run in georgia is expected to set new records exceeding at least two hundred million dollars but perhaps reaching as much as five hundred million. Fox's jonathan serrie. Last week senate republican marco rubio campaign for leffler president elect joe biden has said his campaign will do anything aitken to help off and warnock because the presidential race was so close in georgia. Five million ballots are being recounted by hand in a tweet yesterday. President trump suggested the recount is of time because signatures aren't being matched georgia's secretary of state pushed back with his own tweets explaining how the state's voting process works later today. Nasa and spacex hoped to launch four astronauts to the international space station. The crew goes up for six months. They dock their crew dragon spacecraft to the space station. It will stay there with them for the six month. Expedition former nasa astronaut. Tom jones saturday is planned launch from cape canaveral. Florida was postponed because of bad weather. A remarkable story of recovery for a hiker rescued from washington's mount. Rainier one week ago michael. No pinski was airlifted off the mountain but he died shortly after arriving at a seattle hospital. The story could have ended there but doctors work tirelessly to get us heart beating again and after forty five minutes they did lipinski who woke up two days later still has some trouble with his heart and kidneys but it continues to improve. I'm kim russo. And this is fox news. Stamps dot com brings the post office and ups shipping rights. Your computer go to stamps. Dot com to start a four week. Trial plus free post agenda digital scale with promo code fox that stamps dot com. Click on the microphone at the top of the page and type in fox. Welcome into tomorrow with dave line the interactive radio network programs with the latest in high tech products and services and the experts. Who bring them to you. This is into tomorrow. Here's dave grave line from the decks com g six studios. The future of diabetes management. Is here visit. Decks com dot com. That's d. e. x. c. o. m. dot com and. Yes as the announcer dude. Said i am dave grave line. I am chris grave and the team gathered round to answer your question including horatio out of new york rushmo in south beach him in coconut. Creek danny in pembroke pines. Yes i have to watch out. I lose my breath. Fast and beth in naples. We're here to answer your consumer tech dilemmas. any questions. you have about consumer tech today and into tomorrow. How clever and speaking of answering your questions. This is the last week to participate in win in the big cool into tomorrow hot summer and into the fall kill. That's very true so if you have been waiting to call. Why on earth would you wait but don't wait any longer. Don't be breathless. Like me from the rona. You have to call now and participate because we're back to regular cool prizes so it's not your chance to win a chance to win those specific prices. Yes because of course we all know the mantra here. Come know win. Stuff thank you. Thank you cameron. He's absolutely correct. Because we want to hear from you anytime on the show but if you're interested in some of the particular cool into tomorrow hot summer into the fall giveaway items then you need to call now last chance this weekend. Participate that way. Some tech news and commentary. And then we'll get back to your many award winning prize winning calls it's official. The moon is getting a four g lte network. Why does the moon native four g. Lt eanet well therese it's Twenty two thousand eight goal to build a lunar base and eventually sustaining human presence. On the moon nasa has awarded three hundred seventy million dollars to over a dozen companies to deploy technology on the lunar surface while those technologies of course include four g nasa says four g could provide more reliable longer distance communication than the current radio standards that are in place on the moon like the earth like on earth the four g network will eventually be upgraded to five g. Now i wonder if it'll be considered local calling from the moon to your family. Maybe you know if an astronaut on the moon working there on the on moonbase wants to call home unlike not will it be a local call. It's four g network. Maybe probably not probably not a four. G will probably work better on the moon than it does here. It won't have any trees buildings

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