Why Apps Take Up So Much Space On Your Phone


We realized. You know, the days when you you had very limited storage of very limited ram that forced application developers to be very You know, uh, penurious in their in their code. They didn't have a lot of space. Everything had to be very efficient. Those days are gone, and so they're part of it is just the bloating of applications. If you go into your settings on in Iowa's devices could do this on android, too. You can see What? How much application data is used and how much storage is used, You know, Cache data things like that, so you could see how big the app is, and it's probably 102 100 megabytes just by itself, But then you can also see what it's what data it's storing it in a lot of cases, things like the Twitter app. Would be cashing photos, images, MUSIC, Anything that's going to be big to speed up the load for the next time. This is a browser cache is images from websites that you go to all of. That's to speed up the load. You wouldn't wanna have to download every image in a Twitter feed every time you visited it. So I imagine it's cashing but actually 200 megabytes. That's not that not that much of the night bad. It sounds like a lot when you only have 16 gigs, But that's not unusual. I should I should just look and see how big the Twitter APP is on my My phone, but I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of that's the AB I'm looking at the Twitter app and the app is 110 megabytes Commencing data. 305 won't wait to clear those documents and data. Yeah, well, there is you can delete the app and reinstall And that will start from zero. Um, well, that's what I'll probably need. Yeah. And if you really boy on a 16 gigs is so little. You press some point soon. You're not even gonna be able to update that thing, because, uh, the download of IOS the IOS update is gonna be so big that you won't be able to get it. So I think you're getting close to the end on that air. Good time to buy a new one. Though the new air just came out. That's fantastic. On DNO. Nowadays, Apple doesn't sell any IOS device with less than I did 28 gigs, I think. Well, wait, but you could get it all the phones or 64, but no more. Sixteen's for sure.

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