Episode 4 - The Big Event Conference


Major texas was an english mayer. And i'm on the prio track eight and so that kind of i'm trying to Hopefully in the next year. I'll attend law school somewhere. I'm not sure where yet. But i'm that's kinda the direction i'm headed hopefully and this a little bit about me I am the oldest of five kids. that's my favorite thing that i do. Just be a big sister and be a part of a big family and so is really what shaped me completely. And is the reason i've chosen to do the things i've done and to be evolved when i've been involved in college I think i kind got that. Natural leadership role hits me having kids. They have me. And so i kinda grew up doing that. And so that's kind of shaped what i've chosen In college And then just some fun things. The things that i care about I really am through passionate about Missions and specifically i'm talking prevention and awareness Talk about that for a long time. But i like that a lot and then some fun things i like to read a lot of. I love big event. I love hockey in huge hockey fan. I grew up with my dad. He plays hockey and soccer watching him. Play the dallas stars fan But yeah that's just some fun facts neat that's awesome and so both of you are obviously very passionate about service very passionate about leadership and so for those who don't know what the heck this big event thing is. I'm talking normal. Big event not your area of big event yet. We'll get to that in a second. Can each of you explain in your own words briefly. What the big event is to you and what it what it is and what got you involved. And we'll start with sydney yeah So they rent is the official thing is that we are the largest run one day service project in the nation But what that tattoo like is us just kind of going out into our local community bond calls jason and saying hey how can we help you know what are some need. That you need met Because we do like to serve people. I think people deserve to be served loved and cared for but also because Us of the student body. We kinda come and we just you know care the place that for nine months of the year and so the fact that they put up with us for that time and not only just put up with us. Gut genuinely care for us and support us as students that deserves to be thank And so that's just kind of our thing that we that's our way of saying thank you to the community For one day in spring and then just end up looking like we'll just sickly is doing yard work a long time and so now as you kind of need that needs to be met for a of residents here is neither leaves rate. I mean he's mulching yards and so Kind of thing. I like about it though. Is that We go to meet the need but we ended up. The i think the more valuable thing about that is that we get to meet the people in that process And so getting to see and know the faces of ron college station in hear their stories and And cassie what makes them volleyball. That's been off here at part of it But is that yeah that into question just one more thing and that is what got you involved. Yeah so i think starting out i out as a stop sustained on. That's kind of their. I buried involvement. You can do And so what thousand students go out. And they essentially the point of it is to go out and get people filled in figure out what i need done before Kind of an advanced about on the day out can go out and meet their needs. but what it ended up looking like getting to know the residents just on a personal level hearing their stories And so. I chose to do that because i kinda honestly.

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