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Or Google smart speaker, next talk, six thirty K how go ahead on waiting. Tom Martino here. This is a typical story of people get in trouble. The main in the went out and bought a car for her son hundred fifty seven thousand miles on it as is a two thousand two driving off the lot. You have a seventeen right now, seventeen year old car seventeen years, one hundred fifty seven thousand miles, as you, you may as well, take your money and burn it. You're never going to find. It's better to put money down on a new car and make payments, do not waste your money and don't go out and buy new car right away. In fact, we're going to Mark, and I we've said this before if you are a mom, especially okay or a young person, and you need help buying the car, please call us, we're not going to direct you to somebody. We're not making a dime, new car, we will help you know, we'll help you with a used car if you know which one. Yeah, but, but, but please help help us help you at least narrow down of it. We're not gonna go shopping with you for days on end. I just wanna. Talk to you. How about that? No matter what you're thinking about doing if you're thinking about a vehicle. I wanna talk to you. I, I swear to you, I have nothing in mind about who to refer you to or anything. I just wanna talk to you and prime you with information. Cindy I don't take joint telling Cindy she screwed now. Let's get the least of the screw jobs, but we will analyze this. This mini Cooper is not the most terrible thing that could happen to you. You're getting out of an old piece of crap. Now, they're only giving you a thousand bucks and you're into it for fifty one right now with financing fifty-one. And so you're going to carry that fifty one over to whatever car you buy no matter what you do. Okay. You're going to. But I, I have more concerned about this. Cindy first and foremost, will your son take care of a car, and we'll your son keep a car and know that your financial survival depends on it. Well, you know, we're both coastal we're both signers on the loan. Yeah. But it doesn't matter if he if he drives a trade that car, and you will never get now, if you you're going to have the negative equity snowball, if you try to take that car in three years, and traded in, it'll be the worst thing you can ever do because then then you have even a bigger loan, and then it going, it gets bigger and bigger and bigger, if you could make, we'll, we'll talk to them and try to make sure there's no profit in this deal, not that they have to do that. But if they're willing to do it to get you out of this car. If you could keep that car for the period of four or five years, make those payments and keep this car that car ten last you with only forty something thousand miles on it. We just want to verify the facts before you do it, right. I don't know. What else? What else can you tell me what you were thinking? What else were you? My talking, and we thought okay if the car, retail value selling, it, Tra private seller. If we could get nine or ten thousand dollars out of it. What if we what are the mini Cooper for the mini Cooper? Yeah. And then we would still we would be most lesson are balanced due on the loan. Maybe to twenty five hundred dollars. I don't understand you go through the poke on you're talking about going through this deal with arapahoe, Kia getting the mini Cooper and then selling it. I couldn't wouldn't I don't think you're gonna fix this seven thousand dollars. That's our eight thousand dollars. You wanna just break even. You're gonna hear walking. Listen walking out the door, you're going to go twelve grand or thirteen thirteen thousand dollars. Okay. Now you're gonna owe thirteen thousand dollars. And if you sell the mini Cooper for nine in that would be on the very upside. You're probably going to get eight, what are you going to do with the other four thousand do you have to pay it off? Come close, but you will pay off the other one, then you may as well, put that on the other one, get that paid off, as quickly as you can and buy a new car. Yeah. I'm serious, by the way by new car. If you have good credit by new car and or Lisa car, if he can live by the miles. I'm more of a frayed of your son. I don't know if your son I if you can. Delivery right now. Well, then you don't want is he going to use the car for pizza delivery? Yeah. Yeah. Cindy you can't fix this. You know what you really can. I mean you, you, you have done a mortal sin by buying carbon checking it out, and I don't know anything you can do you might just want to take a stab at suing him small claims court on some prayer that this is so obvious anyone would have known and that they hit it from you and lie to you. But I don't think that'll work. I really think at this point you got. And since you're both on the loan you wouldn't even be able to do a bankruptcy, not that you would want to our chapter thirteen that's just that's just to keep, you know, just to keep payments minimal, but I don't even think you can do that. I think at this point if you did that if you do the job with the rap okay with the idea of selling, it, you're going to get into worse trouble than you're in now the worst. And I know you think, oh no time. You don't understand even if you got your no matter what you're going to have a negative. About four to five grand. It's never going to go away. You're saying, I'm going to take advantage of the fact, they're selling this cheaper, and then be that far ahead. But you still have to replace a vehicle. How would you do that? Okay. You have four thousand dollars now. It's better for you to take that four thousand put it on this car, reduce your payments, and go out and buy another car or put half on it. You, you made a giant mistake, and you're gonna pay for it. Now, Ryan arapahoe Kia is not your friend. This is less of a screw job less. They sold you a piece of garbage, and they charged you triple of what you should have paid. That's what they did to you. Right. And I want everyone knowing arapahoe Kia completely screwed this woman, she bay completely center out the door knowing it was a bad deal for her, and her son. And that's the way they do business. You know, I'd, I hope they're out of business going to reach out to, I hope they go out of business. And if I can help I will help put them out of business for what they do. And you know what? It's the truth. I'm saying right out the open. They could never in a million years, justify selling a two thousand to VW GTI with one hundred fifty seven thousand miles on it for what they sold it to you and call it a good deal. Whether. It just is wrong. Okay. I don't know how people sleep at. I is it illegal? No probably not. You know, I'm not talking about legalities here. I'm talking about looking someone in the eye. You have a mom, you ever nineteen year old son, and, you know, they're depending on this car. Just don't sell it to them. Why, why do people like arapahoe? A why do they get along like this? Why is it that they have to do this? There aren't enough. Good cars and good. Customers to go along. Is it like in your DNA that you have to screw people, what the hell is going on in your mind, heaven? We learned by now that we're all on this planet together for God's sakes. Can't you just extend a helping hand instead of trying to extract that very most profit every God damn day? I am so tired of it. And God forgive me don't even Email me on it. Okay. I'm pissed off on pissed off at the greed on pissed off at the greed. Yeah, that's right. Greed..

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