Amazon Faces Antitrust Charges From European Regulators


Right. Let's talk about those antitrust allegations. European commissioner marguerite vest ear announced a preliminary conclusion that amazon has violated anti-trust rules in the way it treats european merchants after a year long investigation. The european commission determined that amazon breached competition rules by accessing non-public data from merchants to help its own products and services. Amazon will have a chance to respond in the coming weeks. Amazon says it uses sales and store data to improve the customer experience. They admit that but things like suggesting items. You're interested in or what they say they use it for. Amazon says it prohibits employees from using quote non-public sellers specific data to determine which private label products to launch. So they're saying no. We don't do that. Your also said the. Eu has opened a second formal antitrust investigation into whether amazon gave preferential treatment to its own products and to sellers who paid extra for amazon logistics and delivery services so they have a preliminary allegation. That amazon can respond to that. It violated antitrust rules for using data collected from third party sellers but there's investigation into whether it actually gave preferential treatment to its on products whether it used that date or not and don't forget the us federal trade commission is also conducting. Its own investigation into amazon. No findings on that have been announced yet but Amazon under the gun in a few different places

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