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I'm Heather Claiborne in early Texas. Democratic congressmen and the end of the deep are suing former President Donald Trump and his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani for their role in the violent attack against the US Capitol last month. MPR's Windsor Johnson reports. The suit accuses them of conspiring to incite the deadly insurrection. The civil rights group has filed the lawsuit on behalf of Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson with other Democrats or expected to join this plaintiffs. The suit alleges that Trump Giuliani and members of the proud boys and oath keepers violated and 19th century statute when they tried to prevent Congress from certifying the results of the election. The 18 71 Ku Klux Klan Act includes protections against violent conspiracies that interfered with Congress's constitutional duties in the south during reconstruction. In. Responding to the lawsuit. Trump advisor Jason Miller says the former president did not incite or conspired to incite any violence at the Capitol. Windsor Johnston. NPR NEWS Washington At last check on Wall Street. The Dow Jones industrial average was up 84 points of 31,543. The NASDAQ is down 21 points, SNP's risen three points. This is NPR news. Live from KQED News. I'm Paul Lange. Core. San Francisco's public health director, is calling form or vaccine this week. High volume vaccination clinics in the city, including Mosconi Center are closed because they are short on supplies. Public health director Dr Grant Colfax says demand among eligible residents to get inoculated is greater than the supply of vaccine available. Obviously, we need more vaccine. We have the capacity now in San Francisco to administer well over 10,000 vaccines that day, and unfortunately because of such shortage of supplies, we will not be able to do that. A date, San Francisco has given vaccine to nearly half of eligible residents over age 65 Colfax says his office on Lee has firm information about available doses through this week. And that it appears supply will continue to be limited. The average cost of gas in California is going up a rare development in the pandemic in April last year gas average $2.70 a gallon now the state average is 3 48. Analysts say it's because the demand for gas is rising faster than production because more people are returning to commuting and traveling farther at stay at home orders lift Severin born scene is a professor at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business. It seems likely we're going to see gasoline prices rise at least another five or 10 cents a gallon before they level off, But the big unknown is our oil prices going to continue to climb? Are they going to go back down again? If we the world economy starts to soften. The rise is a national trend. California's fuel taxes make our price is among the highest in the U. S, but still cheap compared to most other countries. I'm Paul Land Core KQED NEWS. Support for NPR comes from Charles Schwab. Charles Schwab is committed to offering a modern approach to wealth management with personalized financial planning to meet an investor specific needs. Moritz Schwab dot com slash plan. This is forum. I mean it, Kim. Rallies over the weekend Donations and volunteer efforts are trying to bring a measure of healing and comfort to community's reeling from a spade of violent attacks against elderly Asian Americans, including the fatal attack on 84 year old Vita Vatana party, a time man who came to San Francisco to help care for his grandkids. The attacks come as a growing number of hate incidents target Asian Americans in Pacific Islanders the group stop a P I hate has recorded more than 2800 instances of assault and harassment last year from March to December. And more than 40% of those incidents were in California. Joining me first. Is my colleague, actually Grace one radio host of Kale, W and a felon producer. Here, it forum Grace. Thanks for coming on. Oh, thanks for having me later. You know, I don't know whether toe laugh or cry that we didn't even have to search for a guest who has experienced over anti Asian racism during the pandemic. I mean, it's been That calm, common order. It's just felt like the threat has been constant of experiencing those types of things. Can you tell us what happened to you in Union Square a few months ago. Yeah. You know, I was walking her, You know, Square and, um can't anybody I think was sometime in September and gentlemen, just as I was walking by him, said You brought the flu go back to China, and, um at that I was a little startled and and but not surprised. I have to say not surprised at all, because it wasn't the first time somebody had said something racist to me. Probably not the last time. And in my mind back to your comment of whether to laugh or to cry. One of my first responses was go back to China. I have not Chinese. I've never been to China and God, I'd love to travel. I would love to go back to China at this point of the pandemic. On my second response was Racism really likes and he wants and that this gentleman knew nothing about me, but felt every you know, felt free to say what he said. To be clear. He didn't seem really altogether mentally sentient. I mean, I don't know what his situation was, but he didn't seem like he was well cared for s O. I just walked on, but it just It was a sad moment to live in the city. Yes, And I'm also wondering how your elderly parents are doing. With all of this. I know they live near the ends of Mr Neighborhood where the 84 year old man was attacked in the middle of the day and later died. Yeah, they My father's 88. My mom is 85. They moved up to San Francisco for similar reasons. Toc gentlemen, who is, um, frankly murdered at to help us raise our kids and, um, so they've been living in San Francisco for the last 14 years. And in part that came here because it's a great place to be elderly. You don't have to rely on driving. There's public transportation They love walking everywhere and now among their friends. There's a real concern about going outside. Being careful when you do go outside. It's the pandemic has been so tough on the older people because everything they're supposed to do to stay healthy. Is to be social see people they can't do so my parents have been very careful. They're concerned about taking walks. And they you know, my dad loves to go to Trader Joe's on Masonic, and he's taking it easy, and we've asked him not to go on..

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