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Rents now lead eleven to three how we rose on wor fourteen four was the final last hour you asked me about a ray as playing so shallow on the billy hamill in double a ball sailed over his head here was found this terry collins explains now you got gallic billy hamilton who just kinda spray hit or you don't expect him to who went over your head sue who's one of those things i thought he had thought he was find out there i mean first time of in a first time out there were gotten some balls hit his way so we'll see how he doesn't it under another time is that means they're going to try it again there all in all this really start i mean let's up with a there are a couple innings of relief like let's just see what we got kevin plo occupation last night i'm going to see exactly actually got to grumble or don't play ball but it gets to and i get they're trying to figure out and they won raised to play a lot of different positions but there are guys that can do it and there are guys that can't do it now they're going to give him every opportunity to get more experience in the outfield down the stretch your they've got nothing else to play for so that's fine but he was okay last night i i get but you do are flexing on the mouth i mean so it's not a case where you've got to grandmother last night and not hiding them right that's the other issue you have as yao but it is when it's not been good is what it is raphael monteiro homer belly go tonight nationals beat the marlins eight three first inning in this game giancarlo stanton is 51st home run of the season rangers smashed the astros that game was in tampa at the trump 12 to.

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