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Always going to be more fruitful than you can work with somebody else Trust is a really important factor. Whether it's somebody you're you know having slick doing sex magic with that's maybe like anonymous or a partner i think having not trust is super important but I i think the thing with magic to is that. Like i could tell you what i believe. I could tell you that like i personally only practice sex notch with people who are aware in consensus. But that's that's me everybody's gonna big part of being a sex switch or working with sexual energy in this way is having your own set of ethics having your own belief system and knowing what feels right for you because it has to resonate with you so you like i have. I have like thought about people and energy when they don't know about it. Also how many of us have masturbated while thinking about people to have no idea where masturbating about that point. So it's not really as black and white as we think also like with love and sex magic to it's like if there is not a seed of reciprocity like if i'm doing sex magic about somebody who has absolutely no idea i exist like that. There's nothing there's no seed to water. That's not probably going to manifest. You know like it's like if i'm doing a love spell or sex magic around somebody who likes me a little bit. Then i can cause that to grow and expand but if that's not there than it's like you know not nothing's going to really happen and like things got tricky like i personally and just in the camp of like i don't fuck with anybody else's free will fuck with my own free. Will i do what feels alive for knee. But like i just personally like. I don't really cast taxes. I don't really do that kind of thing like i do. Think there's a time place. I definitely believe there's thailand and place but just because that's the kind of moral stance ethics. I believe that aligns with laker with my practice. So it's not as black and white people think and it's also like not going to be the end of the world if you think about somebody when you're doing sex knojic like do you wanna start off that way probably not but also like. I don't think a pit in house can open up. How but more like an bear. Like let me ask you this. Can you tell when other people are doing that to you. Ooh yes. I think so. But i think it's if i can't with people. I already kind of happened. Erotic connection like and. I'm definitely a very perceptive. Definitely probably like you know like i. I don't use the word psychic. But i definitely have those qualities but it's like i'm not i feel there's a lot more people like honestly jacking off to me that i are just strangers on the internet that i never wanna know about people that like. I do wanna know about So like i. I don't really spend so much time wearing. I think worrying about it. I think that kind of goes back to like like my the psychic hygiene stuff. That's just like i protect my energy. Only that which like. Oh look i wanna know about kind of moves through that sphere. It's something i always. Sometimes i mean without getting into the bears anybody or to sound like a completely by do think folks should no. It's not it's not like it's a one way street. It's like if someone sends incident they might be able to like you catch a glimpse of like how you're doing that. That's okay it's like sweet ever. But also i don't know i just wonder like i think technology is going to get to a place where the energy that you're cleansing when you're clapping and doing that stuff is not going to be something that people just talk about. But rather it's gonna be like. Oh that's some new form of dark matter some quantum field or something that we just couldn't Measure but people already intuited so when you start thinking about that and then you start getting into like the interdependency that we all also already talked about. The web of life at the connection in their consent comes really curious in the sense. That right now consent is more about the physical body. I'm with you. Is this okay versus. Can i send energy through the weird psychic concilio network that connects us all to shift your consciousness a little bit in a way that serves my purposes. It's interesting. I don't know i mean not me to get this. Probably something already written out there about a colt consent. It's just something. I was curious to me. Yeah but then it also goes through. It's like if your sunday healing energy to somebody and they don't consent to it right like what. These kind of these energies are different. But also it's like what is that like. That's technically like a heck because that person consents energy but like zadok's there's definitely layers of nuance. I definitely think that like yeah like you know like if if somebody were to do a lot of sex magic on me and i were to meet them. I'd probably either like if i already like them. That i probably be like. Why am i so attracted to this person or turned on by that. Or i'd be like this person is giving me the be gbd's and i don't wanna be around that. But y- definitely i just because it's like a feeling i don't necessarily like just like just block block that out if it hasn't really resonate which is sometimes the best thing you can do is just like not give something more attention getting energy and feed it because when you don't wanna pay attention to something that's like that's yachts not really what you wanna do now. Oh yes and thank you for that. Answer super cool. And that's i never considered the healing hacks slow. That's so wild like do we have to i. anyone listening. I could send to all positive healing. Please i'll take every little bit of right even christians who are like i'm gonna pray for. Please please pray for me. Please send me good energy. That's totally fine. Like i accept it. Like i don't care if you're praying to jesus he was ju- like he's refine it's good like But yeah it's like. There's i think that as humans again look. We have this kind of very polarized way of thinking and we wanna think things are good or bad like it's not it's never that black or white especially with any kind of esoteric or occult thing especially with energy which is like a song you know exists on a different kind of like layer of reality. Yes now last question. We've by eight minutes. I love a colt movies. But at because i'm friends with many people who practice magic. Who are witches..

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