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Kneeling gave ended up signing a pair of regular dumpster divers sisters who asked for their names to be kept secret let's call then you does and lay out for now the sisters invited them over to have a look at their dumpster diver storage room before taking them along on one of their nocturnal diving sprees yeah this is the regular one okay so let's use it and this is Leah yeah Hey nice to meet you nice to meet you yeah I guess I'm going to because my room this is what we found last night those three boxes no thanks and it just took us like maybe maximum like ten minutes let's maybe a little trying go through what we see here on the site now okay I'm gonna count twenty bananas I mean these look good right we have everything all the animals and we're talking apples and eggs like organic acts as one of these run away because one of them was broken and the second crepe we've got sorry to cucumbers ten oranges melons I have a kind of a huge watermelon what's wrong with this it just has a tiny crack crack third grade this is absolutely full of peppers he will supermarkets closed about half an hour ago and with banks to companies yeah and you did have going dumpster diving so this still isn't lock is just just opened up on the bottom okay let's just went on with.

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