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Tonight. Cincinnati has been pretty dominant on the boards out rebounding Temple by 8 28 to 20 they have if they can convert some of these plays down low. Chris has got to play better offensively, He's just got to play better. Jeremiah Williams dribbles past center court. Pete Williams stays in the game with three fouls battle dribbling outside the arc left hands it off for Jeremiah Williams Julius on him. Now it's buried being guarded by Keith Williams with three fouls. Harry passes top of the key for Williams swings it right for Perry and Dave Andre Perry hits a three point shot. The ball whipped around the corner close out was close, but it wasn't close enough. First one he's made in three tries. Cincinnati's 10 Point lead is down to two. Now. A steal by Jeremiah Williams. Not a bad pass by David Julius. Lefty Lay up is good and we're tied with 15 minutes to go. And just like that. When you talk about turnovers that are mounting 13 turnovers now for the sloppy bear Cats. Second half score is 10 to 4 Temple. Here's Davenport. Hands it off on the perimeter for the Julius Mike Adams Woods between the circles Brendan Berry Defense Adam's Woods, passing on the wing to genius through three. Hang off the rim. No good. Rebounded by temple. Here's Barry Left wide open for three. He missed it. Williams has the rebound outlets for Davenport dribbling up the near side line into the front court passes for Michael Adams. Woods takes his time shoot the three and hits it from the corner and they should've move a whistle and call it a flopping call. Guy runs right by him, and he falls on the ground in the baseline official. There's nothing like atoms, which two for three from outside the arc, Cincinnati has a 39 to 36 lead Nick George game to the Left point and Calif Battle Adam's Woods in a defensive stance. Top of the key. It's your game dribbling against boat stops passes on the wing for Peri Peri Driving into the paint shoots from 15 FT scores. Jeremiah Davenport is gambling. He gets beat. I.

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