At Disney, Streaming Soars as Other Businesses Struggle


Following a quieter week on the earnings front. Investors had several names to watch after the bell on thursday. Disney rose as much as six percent after revealing seventy-three million paid subscribers per streaming service disney plus it had targeted sixty million to ninety million subscriptions by two thousand twenty four though it's other divisions parks and studio struggled during the coronavirus pandemic and it had to forego and other dividend cisco soared nearly nine percent after starting its fiscal year with softer than expected earnings. Drop and issuing guidance it exceeded expectations. Meanwhile shares of pelham tear bounced around and trading on a wider loss though the data analytics firm showed fifty two percent sales growth in the first earnings report since its public debut after rotating out of stay at home plays on monday only to have a tech rally resume days later. Traders have been getting whipsawed nearly every session this week while all three major. Us indices closed lower on thursday stock index. Futures are in the green this morning climbing. Nearly one percent ahead of the open. Many are still weighing the impacts of surging kobe nineteen cases and a vaccine roll out against hopes of the corner on the pandemic and expectations that pro business policies will remain after last week's u s

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