It's 10 o'clock. Obama care


The election, no sign of defeat at the White House, despite president like Biden getting ready for the transition, Fox's John Decker live in Washington president Trump Tweeting. We're making big progress results start to come in next week. Make America great again we will win, Attorney General barmy well has told federal prosecutors That they should examine allegations of voting irregularities before states moved to certify results in the coming weeks. But barring his letter wrote that while serious allegation should be handled with great care species speculative, fanciful or far fetch claims should not be a basis for initiating federal enquiries, he continued. Nothing here should be taken as an indication that the department has concluded That voting irregularities have impacted the outcome off any election. Dave, one of the states, where the Trump campaign filed suit is Pennsylvania, it's Democratic Attorney general vows to protect the will of the people not like the Trump campaign, throw out legal votes, he says. Ah, Cop killer is still on the run in Texas. Here's Houston police chief artist Vedo We're

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