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Been doing the six pack. which is how we started answering questions on this podcast before we moved over to the voice mail and email format, I, put out the call for questions. Every Tuesday you guys flood me with questions I pick six that I like here. I also do a mailbox, or some of them go over there, but I pick six that I like. If I pick yours. You get a like on twitter. That means they hit that little heart button there. And you get Nancy here on the podcast question of one from, call me Mr Snider. That's atmosphere. Snyder nineteen, ninety nine. Why did it take its? Why did it take so long to fire Bruce, Allin one forty to one ninety three in one Hashtag. Dan I don't WanNa Kick Bruce L. when he's down, but I think that this part of it was pretty simple. He was brought in as sort of acilitator to the head coach. Mike Shanahan at the time who is really the defacto general manager, so Mike Shanahan was the one doing the team building Bruce was assisting in that doing contracts all that stuff, so he winds up surviving the Shan and firing. They wind up hiring Jay Gruden. They didn't have a great first year. They wind up hiring Scott McClellan to do football. Scott McClellan last couple of years does a pretty good job putting the team together than things go haywire there than Bruce Allin winds up firing Scott, McCoy now he's got more power than he ever did before. So one thing led to another lead to another all the while Dan. Snyder saw bruce. Allen is a key figure in trying to pursue a new stadium whether it was in DC Virginia Maryland and so from what I understand Snyder's desire to get a new stadium was a big part of why Bruce Allin kept surviving, and there's obviously a relationship there. Bruce Ounce family has great history with the organization, but that was a huge reason why. Question number two. This is from Matt Ramos. That's at.

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