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For students you can safely get students on and off buses without bus monitors that's what's called an unfunded mandate that's something that cities and towns have to pay money for the state says you have to do it but the state in supply the money let's figure out how we can remove some of these unfunded mandates from cities and towns so that they can save money so that we can reduce the car tax and not have to substitute those dollars from someplace else this is a couple other issues that business owners struggle with here in rhode island that i'm going to spend the last couple of minutes talking about a very quickly and one of them is the department of labor and training itself and if you've ever been laid off if you collected unemployment sure as a as a worker if you own a business you necessarily have to interact with the department labor and training anna on a periodic basis i know few people whose interactions with the department of labor and training would be considered positive it's a tough tough tough agency in which to work mi trafficsignal business uh i was trying to bring somebody on on a parttime basis who was collecting unemployment insurance so i was trying to do this person a favour by putting some bucks and they're pocket this person had skills that i could use in that business at the time so i was looking to bring a man for fifteen twenty hours a week and the unbelievable paperwork burden that i had as the employer who wanted to put somebody to work who was collecting unemployment insurance was so oh onerous so cumbersome that after just a few weeks i determined that it just wasn't going to work it wasn't worth the time and energy i had to put in to dealing with the department of labor and training to do that and you know now i'll does bring in temps who attacked asia see and let them handle all that crazy paperwork and.

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