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They're actually older but there were also old school largely in the way that they think about their celebrity and wield their celebrity and and like thinking in just a pr sense in terms of withholding in disclosing. Yeah well it feels like now that. Instead of being at the mercy of the paparazzi benon jaylo are using them to construct a very controlled narrative of this reunion. I mean the pops definitely have less power now. But they're still part of the story Do you think you can talk a little bit about where the paparazzi does fit in with this new version of benefactor. Oh i think that they are using the paper at the very strategically and this is the interesting thing is that like when in the early and mid to thousands the paparazzi really were in control like they were controlling the narrative. This stars did not know how to live their lives without that constant surveillance and i've written before about how what happened over. The course of that decade is the celebrities figured out how to bail themselves and essentially kill or significantly decreased. The market for paparazzi photos like the actual paparazzi. That are out there. Now is even much much slower than it was before and so like it to have these proper radzi like catch them in big sky montana. Someone has tipped them. I live in montana. There are a lot of celebrities who go to big sky. But there's not that much of interest that they do when they come to montana. Someone has tipped that this is something that's going to happen. So they are. I think wielding the these images to to create like a slow drip of information that also i think smartly got people excited about the relationship instead of thinking of it as scandalous and somewhere yeah well. One example of this is the image of benefactor that just went viral of ben grabbing her but on a yacht you do think that photo was an accident or do you think they're so mad joke yes..

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