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I've really kinda sorta held off on a lot of my like takes on The Rookie class throughout my tweets because I knew that we were going to do something like this. So I figured that we would just hold takes until then, right? And the first place that I want to start is just simply, it feels like to me that this working class is awesome. I've really not only enjoyed this class, but I have really felt like there are more difference makers in this class than what there has been previously. Between Evan mobley, you know, crystal water, Scotty Barnes has been good. Franz Wagner has actually been pretty good despite the fact the magic are pretty bad. Josh giddy has been good. You can go up and down the list and you find a lot of players who are legitimately in rotations and playing fun roles. And yeah, sure that happens every year, like a manual quickly and Sadiq bay and Anthony Edwards and lamella ball, obviously emerged last year, but this year feels like a bit more productive and enjoyable to watch to me. It's strong at the top and we still haven't seen Cunningham who's been hurt, Jonathan has been hurt and then throughout there's still depth Jeremiah Robinson Earl has started Jones has started. There's guys that we like so in the process and I didn't think they'd be starting game four or 5, but they've already assured himself as being these difference makers. I do want to preface a little bit because I was talking with a friend at NBA circles prepping for this and trying to get some Intel aside from just what we watch what we see and I said, tell me something negative because everything's positive right now in these guys. In the negative was, it's been four games. You guys are doing this already. So yeah we are. We're excited. It's kind of like more of a progress report in school than a report card. Yeah, no. We're not overreacting and look at look at Matt penny asking for the negatives. If I can't find it, like give me something that I can hook my cartoon here, but it has been good to watch and to see guys that even with a little bit of hesitation at the top have really produced statistically too. And one of the fun things is you've seen a lot of players kind of like outside their comfort zones too and I didn't know that they could really do some of the things and we'll get into specifics. But that's kind of given me pause as to what do I have to change in my own personal evaluation process to not miss some of these things and what I've learned early despite being two weeks is you are going to miss it's just are you missing big or missing small in some of these? So let's start on who I think is clearly been the best rookie. Do you think there's been a clear best rookie in the NBA so far? You're setting me up. As like a sure fire number one, I don't because I think that you could say one of probably four names and I would agree with you. So I don't mean in terms of long term, I just mean in terms of the way this guy has played through four games. And you know, that can be an older player. It can be a younger player. I'm just saying in terms of pure production so far..

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