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Media was merging with Discovery. Another possible media marriage, Amazon said to be wooing MGM studio behind James Bond, the Hobbit 4000 other films along with about 17,000 episodes of TV, ranging from Fargo to the voice, Variety says Amazon is offering around $9 billion is the streaming service looks to deepen its content library. Baby sees Jason Nathan Sin in Hollywood. The New York road runners will host about 33,000 participants for the 50th running of the 2021 T. C s New York City Marathon on November 7th in terms CEO Karen Hempel. This race is a real kind of beacon of hope and resilience. A few months after 9 11. We hosted the race just I think it was something about 50 days after 9 11, then after Hurricane Sandy Cause the first cancelation of the race in 2012. We came back in 2013. Last year's marathon was canceled, Runners will have to provide either and negative covert test or proof of vaccination. Samoa is apparently about to get its first female leader after the nation's top court reinstated the results of last month's election to decisions by the Supreme Court of paved the way for Fiat mean eh? Oh, Mi mitad fa. Become prime minister, the small island nation there, Zealand. Prime Minister Justin to Arden said it felt like a significant moment. This is.

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