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Covert 19 vaccine when it becomes available, perhaps as soon as next month. Ranging from using large centralized sites. Such a city college is mobile sites deployed and trusted community setting and in high traffic community areas with the support other racial equity rapid response team members But she says priority will first go to those most in need seniors and frontline workers. She's hopeful of vaccination vaccination will be available for all adults in late 2021. Illinois has officially processed more than 10. Million Coben 19 tests since the start of the pandemic. There were 11,378 new cases today and 155 additional deaths statewide positivity rate is 10.6%, Wisconsin reported 5469 new cases in 63 additional deaths but the positivity rate of 28.3% Indiana reported 6000 and 59 new cases today in 63 additional deaths statewide positivity right there is 11.2% Indiana governor Ercole Kam says the coronavirus numbers across his state are slowly beginning to fall. But it's too early to say if the curve is bending. I am thankful that over the last What? Four days Now we've seen our average seven day positivity rate. Um Kicked down ever so slightly way too early to say this is a trend, he says. While the case numbers are going down, hospitalizations remain on the rise. A beauty in sports. Here's Kevin Powell, Steelers and Ravens was supposed to be the Thanksgiving night Primetime match up to kept off a day of three games. But that's not been moved to Sunday Is Baltimore deals with covert 19 issues within the organization? It'll be two games tomorrow. Lions hosting the Texans that it's a Cowboys and Washington bears getting set for the Packers on Sunday. Full slate of college basketball as the season begins today. And Diego Maradona, the Argentine soccer great, who led his country to the 1986 World Cup title, has died. The AP reporting that he died of a heart attack. Diego Maradona was 60 I'm Kevin Powell, double G and sports. Now, the WGN forecast look for periods of rain and drizzle across Chicagoland here this afternoon and into the evening.

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