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Kelocom news center i'm mike leshner sue falls health director jill franken is looking forward to on president trump's national opioid it declaration will help the local fight against the drugs for her perhaps the city will be able to come alongside a national awareness campaign resources that we can your local aid to help with that in and put our local uh kind of waiver if you will and and and make that a rio local franken's says sioux falls will be able to learn what works and the opioid fight from other cities where the epidemic is more severe shelves are nearly bear at feeding south dakota in sioux falls dangerously low says the nonprofits gender for stanzas in part because of the time of year but also greater demand seeing fifteen put that more gap than we did at the same time last year and at kelocom we've a picture of the sparse shelves worth a thousand words if you can help they depreciated mark crucial kelocom news us house candidate dusty johnson has been aimed one of the republican party's young goncz the list closed thirty one house and senate candidates from across the country and was compiled based on fundraising messaging and the candidate's ability to communicate their message johnson is running for chris see to washington his previously served as dennis dugard's chief of staff and state public utilities commissioner and add another weather related prep football postponement to this year's heap yanked tin and douglas moved tonight's playoff game to friday due to high winds anka's boss was already on the road when officials at douglas high cautioned the bucks about the high profile vehicles that it already blown over on the interstate out west already this year some fifty games have been impacted by weather in one form or another from the kelocom news center i'm michael eisner the news watch never stops kelo newstalk 1320 one of those seven point nine whether by my feet there are special shoes.

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