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Krispies when you pour milk on them when I get out of bed Everyday's a snap, crackle, and pop. And then that's one of those moments where I'm like going, my, so what the hell am I got myself into? And I had to stay step back and go man like he knows. Sometimes I is this worth it? But then you pop ibuprofen and have a colon or something like that. And he makes you rethink like, you know, I don't think anything in my opinion. I don't think anything that's easy to attain in life is worth having anything in by have something given to them. And I don't see any satisfaction of gratitude self worth of somebody. Just here's a plate eat it. I'm more like good out there grind do my thing. If I don't make it as my fall when you came in, you start going through the process. How long were you there before they, I you know, what you're going to be the newest member of the wife, Hadley actually for a long time. There was talk that it wasn't going to happen. When I first got to talking about being brought up to the main roster. It wasn't going to be at all. They were talking about cut my hair. Beard. Give me a different look going something else. And then the powers that be decided it, that's not what they wanted. They wanted me to be with a white famine. I tell you what, like the little little experience, that I have had coming up in wrestling getting and then being put in with a group of guys like that, that to hide some of my weaknesses while I honed my skills, I couldn't have been in a better spot. I mean, one three of the greatest human beings I've ever met just to be around outside of the business. Then as far as the ring lie, Luke Arbor's, one of the best working big man. I'd had seed Rowen's the same way like he's come now. Harbors been hurt for wild Rohan stepped up in harbours addition with working on the house shows and things and he's the one flying around and bump, and doing all this crazy stuff. And then, like walking out with Bray and just even immeasurable is in me. And I'm in the ring knowing what's going on and just listened to him talk. And it's just like I was very very blessed to be put into that spot..

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