Blocked off Hudson River crossings


Weather Center meteorologist Bill Digger Cold Front approaching, the tri say will be the big weather maker over the next 24 hours out ahead of it. Partly study as we head into the afternoon, becoming windy, a high of 60. Clouds building late in the day, and we'll see some showers and even heavy storms go through late this afternoon and evening, somewhat damaging wind gusts. Overnights and I windy and cold is skies clear lows from the mid thirties in the suburbs of 45 in midtown. Tomorrow. Windy and coldest Start sunshine in the afternoon. Ah, high of 53 52 degrees right now with sunshine through the clouds. 49 in Teaneck 46 in Yorktown Heights, 10 12. WCBS. Welcome back to the wreck. Elements show. We're talking about what you might be able to expect from Congress and White House this year, depending on who's in control. Well, here's the fax. Since 1948. We've had 20 years where we had a clean sweep of Democrats controlling all three chambers, the House, the White House in the Senate. And when that has occurred since 1948 The stock market has gained an average annual return of 15% per year.

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