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Long story short, you know, it was a great experience. We did a lot of press leading up to the actual event. And getting to know Kobe, the 17 year old, 18 year old Kobe. It was a treat and you can see like back then, you know, the NBA was like older older guys with families and had been in the league hell. My rookie year up in Denver, I played with Daryl L is Ricky pierce and those guys. So you had those type of guys still around in the league. So it's young brash, kids stayed out of high school, come through with all that swag, man. It was just that I was excited for them, man. I can only imagine what he would be feeling, but you know, he and I hit it off and it was just a fun, fun weekend. And he actually went away with the trophy and it's funny to fast forward several years later. You know, my first existing coaching job was with the Lake. So I got the coaching from 2011, got the compete against him in the dunk contest play against him throughout our years in the league. Ultimately, coach him from 2011 to 2013 and one of the first things I said to him as we walked in the gym around training camp time in 2011, man, you know, you need to admit that, bro you know I won that contest. I can only imagine what his answer was. He was a great lie and he said, yeah, you probably did, but we'll just keep the trophy at my house. I love that. Because I'm assuming I'm assuming his famed mamba competitive spirit was already on display that day back at the dunk contest, right? People tend to forget he had 30 in that little rookie game, man. And I think they ended up giving Alan Iverson MVP for that in 97, but Kobe had 30 that game. So he could have probably walked away with two trophies that night. I bet. And then a couple years later, he's at the All-Star Game in Madison Square Garden, waving karma loan off the block saying, let me take it. I mean, unbelievable. There's a new sheriff in town. Damn straight. I baked myself now. Look, darvin, I used to call your SportsCenter highlights with Stuart Scott. We're both dating ourselves, darvin. Absolutely. No doubt about that. I've got the new Lakers head coach darvin ham here on the rich eisen show. Again, you've been in that building before as an assistant now you are the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers with, oh my gosh, what a crossroads as well for you to find yourself with this franchise. What do you just writ large consider your main job there? First up for you. Well, it's to get us back to defending. To get everybody back on the same page, sharing a load and everything for me where I've been in the last 9 years working on the coach bud. We prided ourselves on defense. Offense is subjective. I mean, you basically going to play offense based on the type of weapons you have on that side of the ball, but defense is something you can get right down there every night. And it's more objective. So the biggest thing for us from transition defense to half court defense pick and roll defense to defend without filing. And the finished defense of possessions with a defensive rebound, the whole team is the only one shot. That's going to be a big chunk of the focus to get us back to defending because it's hard as hell when you're giving up bucket after bucket after bucket and then now offensively you have to come down and play against a set defense every time you just putting a lot of pressure on yourself and even still, you know, it's just the willingness to defend the appetite to defend and the consistency to defend. I mean, it's that's something we're going to be harping on throughout. And so what was your first conversation with LeBron like and I'm assuming you've communicated this, right? Absolutely. I mean, man, we talked, we laughed, it's excitement through the phone. I mean, was mind-blowing, man. It was just, it was all positive and we talked a few times and then you hit me with a text just to get some idea how what our program is going to look like with our system on both sides of the ball is going to look like and proper form. I hit him with all the defensive stuff in the long text first and hit him with all the offense after that. And it's been great, man. He and I have been recently yesterday. I've been constant communication. Same with ros saying with AD, Russ and AD both, I've got one on one dinners with since I've been here and all of that has been positive and again, I told them I'm a challenge and defensively and try to do what I can to manage their minutes and manage their bodies. So we can be stronger as the season gets longer. And player health is at the top of another thing that's at the top of my priority list. Just being able to have those guys and well conditioned being efficient with, again, how we use them, how we their usage rates and how we practice, how we do shoot around off days, all of that. So it's going to be it's a wholehearted plan that has been proven to be effective and that which involves everything being connected. Darvin ham Lakers, head coach, new head coach right here on the rich eisen show you mentioned Anthony Davis. I'm sure you heard the conversation over the last 72 90 hours involving this stellar player.

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