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The local Broad Street pump so on September eighth eighteen fifty four the father of epidemiology Dr Jon snow tests this theory by removing the pumps handle any effectively stops the outbreak proving his theory and open the door a modern epidemiology Jon snow was the first to use maps and records to track the spread of a disease back to its source and today these ideas provide the foundation for how we're supposed to find a stop diseases all over the world we are far better tools than he did to identify track illness labs computer systems in depth knowledge of germs but when you have political detectives in the sea the sea who have thrown away their scientific training at the NIH and the CDC what good are all of the tools what good are all the tools in the world if they're looking over their shoulder at political implications so what am I saying living in a world where disease can spread around the globe very quickly what's the most logical thing that you do you don't need a PhD unhappy epidemiology know what to do in the common sense common sense is you stop travel from China and that's the end of the story they themselves have introduced the quarantine but not here after all how we're gonna get the fentanyl into this country if you put in a quarantine I'm you guys have that fentanyl flowing don't you do you understand what I'm saying to you that they're forty million Chinese quarantine there's a case in Chicago twenty two states are on alert Europe is now seeing cases and we're doing nothing but listening to these these imbeciles at the CDC would doing zero are you listening to me are you hearing me a nurse is saying the quarantine is failing videos come out showing dead bodies in the halls of hospitals it's not just hitting the young and the old young men are among the victims now I again again I'm not here to alarm you I'm here to awaken you because there are things you can do some things a commonsensical here in America very commonsensical I mean I have to spell it out for you what not to do and what to do your mother was right in a certain way avoid crowds your mother knew enough to stay away from people was sick right and one flu season approached when you are feeling a little under the weather she told you do certain things that promote healing that was good mothers advice and I then looked into that in we all know that no medications currently exist on the market that can stop a viral infection about a what the quacks tell you there are no drugs that could stop a viral infection now there are some anti viral drugs but they're not recommended in these cases as a preventive they don't work I understand the use antiviral drugs may be useful in treating serious diseases such as Ebola but that definitely of no use to prevent a viral infection your best defense ladies and gentlemen the savage nation is a strong offense and what does that mean one boost your immune system to lower your susceptibility to infection and disease you see if everyone could get the disease they would get the disease but everyone on earth is not going to get the disease some will have a powerful immune system on an immune system powerful enough to fight off the virus should they even contracted they were known techniques for boosting your immunity and any qualified medical doctor will tell you that a good doctor will recommend.

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