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Know he's. A lefty like us guys got. To lend the left and, Griffey, junior. Right come on now and. So he was, really nice he walked around and said hi everyone and I didn't. Realize this but you know, my all, time, Fave torii hunter. Was there and my strike guy so when I hugged him he said hey good, job there, I saw that Oh gosh And a bunch of a bunch. Of twins were there Tonio Leyva? Was there Guthman Oh. Man there's a bunch. More I Not that I don't believe you is your? Photographic, evidence. Of this of this. Performance Instagram. The one little video my husband took oh. Really you're what I needed it guys, I. Needed to do it when? I needed I got it when. I needed it whatever you know what I mean you strike when the iron sought thank you strike Yes so, you can check that out because that was pretty thrilling and because the, baseball and it was real it. Was really fun and. To have fun raise money mean yes. Doesn't beaten that nothing beats that I got. It if you want to see. This video all you have to do, is? Go to Instagram and search for lex. And. The, cities and Donna dark Jason Mathison follow. Us you eight o'clock friends have been. Great you guys than anybody you eight o'clock yesterday at this very time we added. We'll dawn added like ninety people yesterday. Right you and I added about fifty fifty yes, oh and I know. There are thousands. Listening, I? See the ratings for the show. So I think there are a lot of. You that still have not followed us, now. We don't want Kylie Jenner? Money we just want like eventually. To be. Sponsored Yeah moving decimal.

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