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I tell my children you know they are. Born here in the US. Tell you are so blessed to live in America. If. So blessed to live in America I did not hear that message communicated once throughout the entire Democrat national, convention everything was about gratitude not anger that they live in the united. States of America. It was about we are thankful that we are citizens of this beautiful gift that we have been given the sacrifices that were made before us, and of course, America has made mistakes and individuals in America have made missteps but how do we? Approach those missteps is with anger and Venom and repudiation of everything that we have been given. Instead, it is an embrace of this horrific journey of our country that the next one hundred years can be even better than what predated us or what preceded us, and again I want to just give a vice president Mike Pence. He was absolutely terrific I think that throughout this talk about Abraham, Lincoln he was calm he was compassionate and you guys can see the political brilliance of the trump team come through here. I just want to give them credit. Every single story every second of programming was basically saying like California New York. You guys are citizens of this country, but this is a political convention it was about winning. Wisconsin it was about winning Minnesota winning Michigan, winning, Ohio, winning Florida, and yes even winning. Maine. Yes. Winning main I love the state of Maine is one of my favorite places in the country if you're watching from the state of Maine right now emails freedom Charlie Kirk Dot Com. The first person who has emails from the of Maine I'm going to send you a signed copy of the Maga-. Doctrine Meena suffered from opioid addiction Maine has been absolutely abused by the political elites. Four years. Main is sometimes one of the most forgotten states in the entire union. Main is has a hardest working people think in the entire. Country because every state has people but some of the hardest working people I've ever been around, they are proud people they love their country. I love spending time in Acadia National Park, one of my favorite places on the entire planet and I, spent time around these lobstermen. And I think that's the correct term right lobstermen Yeah I love that lobster makes me think of Dr Jordan Peterson right sit up straight with your shoulders back everybody increase your serotonin levels actually a better job of doing sometimes. But I, love these lobstermen and actually if you look at the lobster industry, they are they're suffering a lot under opiate addiction and President Donald Trump because he. was tough on border security because he was tough on the flow of drugs coming into our country he's actually improves communities but also he has been talking about deregulating their industry. They love him I think Maine is in play. This is the brilliance of the trump strategy where the the the foolishness of the Democrat national convention strategies like let's let boost our numbers in Malibu and Manhattan like. Good luck with that president trump's like we're going to win main play tape. Maine's lobster men are true environmentalists. We practice conservation every day. If we didn't, we'd be putting ourselves out of business. Four years ago the Obama Biden Administration used the antiquities act to order thousands of square miles of ocean limits commercial fisherman. They did it to cater to environmental activists. Although as lobstermen don't fish there Obama's executive order offended us greatly, it circumvented the fisheries, councils input. President trump reversed that decision reinstating the rules that allow stakeholder input. And he supports a process that seeks in respects fisherman's views. And so that is a middle class. American. That had his life almost destroyed President Donald Trump in the state of Maine Donald Trump won one electoral vote. And President..

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