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Tom Selleck. it is and I really was going to spend a lot of time on this organ thing but a lot of you are sending me emails and tweets this business about Republican senators are trying to protect their constituents I'm sorry they're supposed to represent their constituents vote the way that they think they should vote and let the chips fall where they may and if you if you're a minority party member Democrat or Republican doesn't matter you don't like the way the fact that you are a minority go out and start working on getting more of your ilk. elected. eight five five two nine five sixty six hundred mark in San Diego hello mark. hi John hi king me on I hopefully can influence your opinion a little bit I agree that we hope for these people to do a job for us represent us. but I would argue that in circumstances like this in their doing exactly what I voted for them to do as a Republican and I do the other thing you're talking about so I guess what I need to preface this by the and I've been listening to you and I I love listen to your show it's great like what I wanted compressors is that there are two different things. there are majorities and are super majorities right and Snoop super majorities in you made this comment. create a situation where they shut down the bay. so if if my representative can't even go in debate. what is he there to do. if you leave the great the great question. yeah if you leave a name to draw attention to the land I'd rather have them I'd rather have I'm in California. and I if if all the legislators could leave in flow down some of the things Gavin did and maybe take a vacation in Nevada I just think that maybe some of these guys are in California would pay more attention. that's not the way the system is built that's all I'm saying is it should work. because his work for publicans and his work for Democrats to protest to go into another state in Wisconsin and taxes now Oregon it's happened twice in Oregon so I just what you want to stand by on that your stand my point is that their job is to represent you and vote how they feel best so if they vote against something I know they don't have well. okay so you're you sound like you're either an independent or Republican not a Democrat I I'm guessing right so you're in it well all right yeah I'm a libertarian but a little generated your Republican primary cells so do you vote. yes I've I've awhile usually why you don't have a voice for well no he ideal and this is why I registered as a Republican because I think they have the best shot I voted floral Ross Perot I was disappointed that so I will always go and vote and I will always try to get as many people as they can to try to go home the direction that I feel is more of a power to the states okay I guess you may want to call it you have you you're you're making my point. yes you went out and voted no are you don't are you're not going to elect Donald Trump in California the the the California government city county state there are some red areas but mostly is you know that's a big deep blue state so but you go and vote you do put your voice out there and you get registered as one vote by mark in San Diego so why don't all these people who are in a big minority in the legislature do the same thing and go I know I'm not going to win this thing but I'm going to mark my vote as a representative of mark in San Diego. that's my point. what's up John I. I have been in other parts of California that are red. and I both locally and I vote even in town issues I've even represented people as a you know not technically government employee yeah but if but if I am in the red belt of California and there is one and I voted for someone. and I felt that he could of delayed Gavin and brought some sense maybe to some other people by going across state lines in the Nevada I would want to do that that's what I voted for him to do that's my point so you want to break the law. in order to make a point. we got five hundred dollar fine if he you know he's he's taken a pilot alone bit to do to delay something and then possibly everyone goes wait a minute they're gonna raise like gas tax the next thing to go to the. dang it and that's when they get that's when they start to hit it is like yeah someone brought this up when I going to do next I'm saying at some point you have to raise. the attention of this and now they're getting national attention that that is that that is a classic definition of a protester right you go out and you are willing to even violate the law civil differs disobedience in order to create publicity for your costs that I can accept you sold it yeah I'll go that far. by the way is five hundred dollars a day apparently. yeah. that's more than the that's more than the motel six or whatever they're saying. I might have to donate yeah and and support my guy yeah. yeah maybe that's what they should do is start putting things on social media saying help I need money for my for my fine. this that that's I'll go that far this is a political protest. just like you can go out and protest in the streets and you may get arrested for it but. you have that right in this country I was I like to put I'm maybe I'm I should not but I'd like to put the legislators in a higher level of responsibility they have a job to do and yeah I know it's not gonna work out in their favor the big big blue states are Republicans in Oregon are always going to be on the on the short straw okay then go vote for more get more Republicans elected. all right but I I the publicity about this those if it's. twenty cent increase in gas tax I can't imagine people of Oregon are going to. that's going to make a dent that's going to make and that they're going to notice they're going to notice this very quickly so all right PR they win the PR battle let me put it that way. you kind of halfway talked me into it more. thanks Tom your welcome thank you. D. again I didn't go all the way. I. I don't know I I just think that these people have a job to do. there were like to go to go do it. what's this. yeah the the governors also played a game here too the fact that she actually walked out when she was a legislator. is is rich isn't it. Oregon sent us Senate president. played with Republicans to return I beg and beseech my fellow legislator to come to the floor I need you the legislature needs you the people of Oregon need your to pass budgets to take care of our citizens. brother please the drama this that's the Senate president Peter court nari poor Courtney on the Senate floor. he needs to get a of a degree in drama on something like that. one over here is eight five five two nine five sixty six hundred. Jackie says the callers employee right to publicly is necessary. California they lied about gas taxes they voted in we didn't stand a chance. okay but you know they lied. so at some point if they lied to the constituents some of the constituents at some point may. say I've had enough of this party of both the other side and if they don't it's called a democracy. I mean you should have to pick up and move but there are people moving because of of shenanigans like this. phone numbers eight five five two nine five sixty six hundred we will be right back..

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