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Alright and joining me. Now is a first class father. His story was captured beautifully leap by People magazine. It was also very well told in his book titled. The seven longest yards. He is a motivational speaker in an inspiration to so many people around the world. It is an honor for me to say Hey Chris Norton. Welcome to First-class Fatherhood. Yeah great to be here. Thank you all right. Let's start here. How many kids do you have. And how old are they. I have five kids aged twenty ten eight six three wow yeah it's a big range of aged aged what type of sports activities they all into their the four youngest. Ones are really into damn so we have them into dance classes. I says signed up for soccer. they've done basketball softball so we're kind of exploring phase right now kind of seem what they click with and what they really passionate about but you're trying to give them a try at all definitely a dances if something they just are always doing they always the music going and give him some certain dance recital okay very cool. I just think a minute to hit my listeners with a little bit about your background or what you do yeah so you know. I got started really my story got started in October sixteenth. Two thousand ten. I suffered a severe spinal cord injury playing college football. I was getting a three percent chance to ever regain any feeling or movement back below my neck and I just started kind of new identities new journey. I'm for myself hello and it allowed me to have a little bit of a recovery. let me meet in a beautiful woman. Emily and we walked across the stage some of my college graduation four and a half years later after my injury and that went viral over two hundred million times and got the you know do international international media and then we started fostering and we fell in love with it and that's where we met you know or kid and it'd be eventually went from your parents so adopted parents we got married in twenty eight teams and we illegally dotted our kids back in December Whitley when she was nineteen and then are for young Citigroup back in February so we've he quickly became parents five and they're all girls to mount number. We have a dog well so very number. Wow yeah that's incredible. What what did they experience of becoming a dad. And how did that kind of change your perspective on life well. It definitely changed my perspective on and you know who I am and my identity as a dead so growing up. I had a great data great father who was really actively involved. We played catch. We he just with very playful with me. We did a lot of activities together and that's Kinda how I envisioned myself off a dad but being a quadriplegic and from a wheelchair we limited to those activities so that was kind of tough at first to swallow but what I discovered was really you know who I am at the Dad really at the core of it is just you know how I make my kids feel and the love I give in the example that I sat and so that's really been important to me now. It's just how I make the kids feel the love the joy that can the lessons. I can help them. developing grow into the best version of themselves so I it's just about like what you can do and your ability the not getting in caught up in what other people can do but what you can do that's really focusing on and try to hopefully grow into beautiful the young woman and very well said and and you know. Chris many many people in general struggle with everyday problems of life and we allow them to consume US sometimes oh you were hit with catastrophic to set of circumstances here. You somehow defied all the odds. What what was it really pulled through well one. I hope that I had a foundation of faith for just like having that they background belief is like having hope. really was instrumental instrumental 'cause. I didn't know what to believe. I didn't know what was going on but I just had this belief that you know a guy I can bring it all together other and make this mess into a message and keep this pain of purpose so that was really instrumental but also was instrumental with my family was was my dad and my mom and my sisters and community just people like pouring into me and encouraging me and my parents. That's the example that we're we're not gonNa let this injury a sinus that we're gonNA live. Spoil Life Despite the challenges that we deal with and we're not going onto well on the path but focus on what we can do today and into the future so I think that was really big for me was just taking ownership over my relied responsibility and I really got that from my my parents. They didn't you know throw a pity party for me. complain they just we're just doers and they were upbeat and positive and that's kind of what I WANNA do to with my family and I think it's important for all parents to set at that example how handle adversity and challenges so. I think that was a really important for me to just move forward and very inspiring. GotTa certainly put you in a unique position here to inspire so many people and I know you do that through speaking What was it like doing your first. Ti- note and do the kids come out to hear you speak yeah. I did my first Keno out back when I was in college so number of years ago and it was dairy nerve wracking. I know really quite know what to say or how to say it but I knew I had a story child. I had lessons. I wanted to share air but it was well. Received people are leaning in laughing. They're crying and I just kept working on it and working on improving improving it and so it's grown grown into a business. It's what I do now full time is I travel the country giving Keno presentations. Do Corporation Association schools holds you name it. where. I'm delivering these keynotes. It's been fun to I've been able to like you know we went to Orlando resort resort where we had a at a conference that I was speaking. I brought the whole family so fun to you know bring the girl they can watch you know exactly what I do and why travel apple and to share a little bit more in depth about my story and that was really fun for all of us and they swim and now they got to see what dad does for work yeah also made the NFL season is now upon us and the Major League Baseball Baseball season is winding down..

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