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Wow 80s when i remember maytag getting really elderly yo you ever that's what's happening mmhmm i got on the way soon white of course they're running out of steam a little bit it's hard to imagine these people that were so big and domineering in your life start to become brittle and frail and then they just disappear but they are all do and algan said now i'm thinking about it i i guess i guess he notes are impossible to appreciate them when they're here the way you well when they're gone and there's no way to change that i think no the now i know some people i guess you know people that are like that i don't know whether like digest like i discussed love by parents and i cherish every moment i'm with them and i and everything is great i think i have a few facebook friends like that and they enrage me thank you aren't telling the truth is no way there's something we all with a your hiding something you watch yang oppressive weirdo your posting who you wish you were not who you are i am just do the right on that you tell the now i just think that an inside and i i wonder if i'm doing at all wrong so like in the close of the book i mean do you i is defined comey as these are in the book maybe like fifty again they're really short there they're like quick they're like a must stand up fits basically uh you know are they all funny you're no uh they're not all funny some of it's weird a a a when i when i wrote a parenting be gets pretty much all funny here and i guess i was it's because i have a kid i know he's going to read it one day and it and he still here and then when i was writing about my dad it was like hide he's he's a real guy and he's dead and i'm actually might be the final word on him and it's a lot more daunting two great to write about a person's life when they're not there too you know counteracted or it or artists say well you know not exactly order just live a different way prove you wrong so do our our is there questionable stuff in there were you i don't know if you'd like them.

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